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Raytheon Technologies Corporation is an American multinational aerospace and defence Electronics group. They produced valves in the USA and distributed valves that they sourced around the globe under the Raytheon brand name. 1961 They took over British electronics company AC Cossor and merged it with Raytheon
2050W is a military long life version of the 2050AThyratron. All our stock is made by Raytheon but has its contact company Chatham electronics; Metro and some have Tung-sol on them. We are selling these all as Raytheon as that is who manufactured them.

These differ from the 2050a as they have the large wrap around vibration proof heat resistant micanol base.

Commonly found in Seeburg and Wurlitzer juke boxes from the late 1950 and early 1960's. Such as the Wurlitzer 1800 and Seeburg 101, 161, 201, 220, 222, A, B, C, DS, G, K, L, LPC, V, W, and Y models. If you repair or restore old jukeboxes then these are ideal and we have a good stock direct from government sources at an excellent price.



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