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We stock a small range of high quality pedals. The pedals that we stock are chosen on the following criteria; they must have exceptional sound quality and reliability. When needed, the company must provide excellent customer support. They also have to be pedal that I would be happy to own and use myself. Robert Keeley effects is one such company and their pedals, regardless of which one you choose, are all amongst the best sounding pedals available. Hence Keeley pedals have a huge list of professional users worldwide. We stock the world famous Keeley modified Boss and Ibanez tube screamers as well as Roberts’ own range of custom made pedals.

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  • Keeley White Sands Luxe DriveKeeley PedalsThe Keeley White Sands Luxe Drive is a light overdrive pedal which has been designed to specifically supply the sound ...In stock£165.83Buy Now
  • Keeley Compressor PlusKeeley PedalsThe Keeley Compressor Plus is update on the Famous 4 knob Compressor. The Comp Plus uses the same circuit and the same ...In stock£124.17Buy Now
  • Keeley Aria Compressor OverdriveKeeley PedalsThe Keeley Aria Compressor Drive combines compression and overdrive which are two foundations of Roberts reputation.The ...In stock£165.83Buy Now
  • Keeley Aria Compressor Drive + Peterson Strobostomp HD Pedal TunerKeeley PedalsPedal +Tuner Package

    The Keeley Aria Compressor Drive combines compression and overdrive which are two ...
    In stock£281.66Buy Now
  • Keeley D & M Drive Keeley PedalsThe D&M Drive is the perfect combination of Drive and Boost and was designed in collaboration with Robert Keeley and ...In stock£204.17
    Buy Now
  • MXR M169A Carbon Copy Analog Delay 10th Ann EditionMXR PedalsThis special edition of the Carbon Copy Analog Delay which features lightweight aluminium housing with a metallic ...In stock£132.50Buy Now
  • Cioks DC7 Power SupplyCioks Power SuppliesCioks DC7 is thinnest and one of the most versatile power supplies on the market.It features 7 DC outputs all of which ...Sold Out£182.50Buy Now
  • Cioks 8 Expander Power Supply Cioks Power SuppliesThis Cioks 8 Expander supplied for use with a Cioks DC7 .You can use this as a standalone 8 outlet supply but would ...In stock£149.17Buy Now
  • Cioks 8 Expander Power Supply With Mains AdaptorCioks Power SuppliesStand Alone 8 way Supply

    This Cioks 8 is supplied with the power supply unit so you can use this as a standalone ...
    In stock£185.00Buy Now
  • Keeley Neutrino Envelope FilterKeeley PedalsThe Keeley Neutrino Envelope Filter and Auto Wah pedal is an extremely versatile and easy to use envelope filter that ...In stock£149.17
    Buy Now
  • Earthquaker Hoof V2 Hybrid Fuzz Pedal Earthquaker Devices PedalsThe Earthquaker Devices Hoof V2 fuzz pedal provides beautifully dirty organic vintage fuzz with a twist. The Hoof V2 ...In stock£179.17
    Buy Now
  • Earthquaker Plumes Overdrive PedalEarthquaker Devices PedalsI love Tubescreamers and I simply Love the Earthquaker Plumes Overdrive Pedal.The Plumes works superbly when going into ...In stock£99.17
    Buy Now
  • Keeley Fuzz BenderKeeley PedalsKeeley Fuzz Bender Super Fuzz PedalThe Keeley Fuzz Bender is a 5 knob 3 transistor modern fuzz using a combination of ...In stock£124.17Buy Now
  • Fender Bubbler Analog ChorusFender PedalsFender Bubbler Analog Chorus & VibratoThe Fender Bubbler Analog Chorus & Vibrato Pedal sets new standards for this type ...In stock£90.83Buy Now
  • Fender Level Set BufferFender PedalsFender Level Set BufferThis is a pedal that we think we never need until we buy one then we think why I have never ...In stock£74.17
    Buy Now
  • Fender MTG Tube Distortion PedalFender PedalsFender MTG Tube DistortionMany pedals try to emulate the sound of tube breakup; we decided instead of emulating tube ...In stock£132.50Buy Now
  • Jackson Audio El Guapo Mateus Asato Signature Overdrive & Distortion Pedal Jackson Audio PedalsThe Jackson Audio El Guapo is a Distortion Overdrive pedal that captures the essence of Marshall iconic Plexi and ...Sold Out£295.83Buy Now
  • Jackson Audio Golden Boy Overdrive BoostJackson Audio PedalsMaybe the only Drive Boost pedal that you will ever need

    The Jackson Audio Golden Boy is a MIDI controllable ...
    In stock£249.17Buy Now
  • Jackson Audio Modular Fuzz Pedal with OctaveJackson Audio PedalsThe only Fuzz you will ever need

    The Jackson Audio Modular Fuzz pedal takes faithful recreations of multiple ...
    Sold Out£232.50Buy Now
  • Keeley Caverns V2 Delay Reverb Keeley PedalsThe Caverns Delay Reverb V2 dual-effect pedal that combines delay and reverbIt features Roberts famous analog style ...In stock£165.83
    Buy Now
  • Maxon OD808X Overdrive Extreme Tube ScreamerMaxon PedalsThe Maxon OD 808 Overdrive is the closest in sound to the original TS808 Tube ScreamerThe OD 808X Overdrive Extreme ...In stock£99.16Buy Now
  • Maxon OD9 Overdrive Tube ScreamerMaxon PedalsSo if you are reading this you will be deciding to buy either an OD808 or the OD9.So having played both and own a ...In stock£107.50
    Buy Now
  • Keeley Super Phat Mod OverdriveKeeley PedalsThe Keeley modified Boss BD-2 offered players two modes of bass response; with the slight boost it was called the Phat ...In stock£132.50Buy Now
  • Keeley Super Phat Mod Overdrive + Peterson Strobostomp HD Pedal TunerKeeley PedalsPedal +Tuner Package

    The Keeley modified Boss BD-2 offered player’s two modes of bass response; with the slight ...
    In stock£248.33Buy Now
  • Keeley Oxblood OverdriveKeeley PedalsThe Keeley Oxblood Overdrive is the Unit that has been developed to provide a tone close to the classic Klon Centaur ...In stock£165.83Buy Now
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