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Watford Valves have been using valve equipment since 1976 and has been selecting and supplying valve to the professional market for over 20 years. The term 'new old stock' refers to tubes or valves which are new but are from factories which have long closed down. These factories such as Mullard, G.E.C, Telefunken, Siemens, Philips, General Electric and R.C.A produced some of the best valves ever made which is why these items have become very sought after in the music industry. Watford Valves keeps a huge inventory of new old stock tubes valves as well as current production items. Therefore Watford Valves can offer one stop shopping to satisfy the most demanding of needs of the professional market, the collector or the enthusiast. All output tubes valves are priced individually. All prices contained on this web site are exclusive of VAT.

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  • 12AL5-GENERAL ELECTRICGeneral Electric12AL5 General Electric Original USA made miniature valve that houses two separate signal diodes This has some very nice ...In stock£12.00Buy Now
  • 12AL5-WESTINGHOUSE Westinghouse ElectricOriginal USA made Westinghouse 12AL5 dual diode which has some very nice characteristics and small compact size for use ...In stock£12.00Buy Now
  • 12BH7A-ELECTRO HARMONIX GOLD PINElectro HarmonixThe Electro Harmonix 12BH7A Gold pin was designed to provide a special low noise version of the 12BH7A valve and can be ...In stock£20.50Buy Now
  • 12BH7A-GENERAL ELECTRIC General ElectricThe Original U.S.A made General Electric 12BH7A was used by many American guitar amplifier manufactures & high end ...In stock£40.00Buy Now
  • 12BH7A-HARMA RETROHarma ValvesThe Harma 12BH7A Retro design is based on the original U.S.A made General Electric 12BH7A. It has a number of features ...In stock£16.50Buy Now
  • 12BH7A-JJ TESLAJJ TeslaJJ 12BH7A is a double triode that is found in studio equipment, high end audio and original Ampeg SVT amplifiers. The ...In stock£14.00Buy Now
  • 12BH7A-Z&I AERO SERVICESZ&I AERO SERVICES The Z & I 12BH7A is a super valve to use in the Blackstar HT5 and it construction identical to the Brimar 12BH7A. This ...In stock£30.00Buy Now
  • 12DQ6B/ 12GW6-SYLVANIASylvaniaThe 12GW6 is a radio ham tube that has now become very difficult to find.These are new in the original box ,USA made ...In stock£8.50Buy Now
  • 12DW7/ 7247-HARMA STRHarma ValvesThe Harma 12DW7 STR is based on the American dual plate design that was popular in the late 1960’s. It has been ...In stock£14.00Buy Now
  • 12HG7/ 12GN7-GENERAL ELECTRICGeneral Electric12HG7 12GN7 made by General Electric in the USA. The maximum dissipation of the anode is 10 Watts with a maximum anode ...In stock£7.50Buy Now
  • 12JB6A-RCARCA Original RCA 12JB6A usa made valve that is used as a high efficiency RF Linear Amplifier in Radio Transmitters and ...In stock£35.00Buy Now
  • 150B2/ CV2225-Z&I AERO SERVICES Z&I AERO SERVICES The CV2225 is a special quality long life military version of the 150B2 valve voltage stabiliser.The 150B2 voltage ...In stock£6.50Buy Now
  • 150B3/ CV287-E.E.VEEV The CV287 is a miniature voltage stabiliser and its direct commercial equivalent is the 150B3,.QS150/15,150B3,150A2 ...In stock£6.50Buy Now
  • 2050W-RAYTHEON Raytheon2050W is a military long life version of the 2050AThyratron.All our stock is made by Raytheon but has its contact ...In stock£15.50Buy Now
  • 211-PSVANE CLASSIC SERIESPsvane AudioPsvane 211 Classic Series is a directly heated audio power triode for High end Audio amplifier applications. Psvane ...In stock£89.00
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  • 274B-REC RELICRelic Electric CompanyThe Rec Relic 274B is a recreation of the famous Western Electric 274B full wave rectifier.The valve follows the ...In stock£30.00Buy Now
  • 300B-Billington Gold Shuguang WE Replica Special EditionShuguang Valves300B-Billington Gold Shuguang WE Replica Special EditionThis 300B Special Edition is Shuguang replica of the famous ...In stock£89.00Buy Now
  • 300B-JJ TESLAJJ TeslaThe JJ 300B has established itself as one of the best 300B types for audio applications.The JJ valve features 24 carat ...In stock£108.50Buy Now
  • 41-RCARCA Type 41 RCA is a high gain audio output pentode that is electrically identical to the type 6K6GT but uses the six pin ...In stock£20.00Buy Now
  • 4C35A/ FX2505-EEVEEV 4C35A FX2505 made by English Electric valve in the UK. This is a hydrogen thyratron that has a hydrogen gas filling. ...In stock£85.00
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  • 5670W/ 2C51/ 6N3-GENERAL ELECTRICGeneral ElectricOriginal G.E military grade 5670W/2C51 made in the U.S A. and comes in the original military box. This valve offers a ...In stock£14.50Buy Now
  • 5687WB-PHILIPS JANPhilips ECG JANThe Philips 5687WB is a military grade JAN specification double triode in improved WB version.The valve comes in the ...In stock£35.00Buy Now
  • 5703WB-RAYTHEONRaytheonThe 5703WB is a super subminiature, medium-mu triode that provides excellent audio performance and has been used by ...In stock£15.00Buy Now
  • 5763/ CV4039-BRIMAR BrimarThe 5763 is a small transmitting beam tetrode valve that was used as an oscillator, multiplier or power amplifier in HF ...In stock£11.00Buy Now
  • 5840/ EF732-ADZAMAdzamAdzam EF732 is a high quality sub miniature pentode that is well known for its extremely low noise and low microphonics ...In stock£13.50Buy Now
Total : 515 | Page 1 of 21
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