Harma Valves

The Harma diamond premium grade valve range is sourced from the best current production and new old stock available today.

The range was established in 1995 and has been as a result of the demand from the professional music industry for a high quality tested valve that will work under the most rigorous conditions.
The valves have been road tested by the major U.K hire companies and high profile musicians. Our S.T.R E34L has been tested and is used by Ben Matthew's of British rock band Thunder for example.
All the valves are tested and selected on our high plate volt tester. This rig runs the valves in real working conditions at high voltages 500 vdc plate and screen for instance for a 6L6 type.

The valves under go tests for cathode heater insulation, heater continuity, gas and are matched via the quitescent current method after undergoing six shifts in bias voltage to ensure perfect curve tracking. This ensures total reliability in touring environment which is why these valves come with one of the longest warranties in the business. 6 months on Pre- amp and output valves.

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  • 6N1P-EB-HARMAHarma ValvesThe Harma 6N1P-EB is a special long life version of the 6N1P which is very popular with high end audio users over ...In stock£8.00Buy Now
  • ECC81-HARMA STRHarma ValvesThe HARMA ECC81-STR is a German manufactured valve that has been specially chosen for its outstanding performance and ...In stock£12.00Buy Now
  • ECC83-HARMA STR Harma ValvesThe Harma ECC83-STR features an internally rugged construction with thick mica supports. This has a number of ...In stock£12.00Buy Now
  • ECC83/ 7025-HARMA DR250Harma ValvesThe Harma 7025 STR DR250 is a close sounding recreation of the famous USA made 7025 valve.The valve supplies a tight ...In stock£15.00Buy Now
  • ECC83/ 7025-HARMA DR270-Hi GainHarma ValvesA specially selected super gain version of the Harma ECC83/7025 for the guitarist who wants the maximum gain whist ...In stock£18.00
    Buy Now
  • EL84/ HARMA-RETROHarma ValvesThe Harma EL84 Retro is a recreation of the famous Mullard EL84 and follows the original design and electrical ...In stock£15.00Buy Now
  • EZ81/ 6CA4-HARMA RETROHarma ValvesThe Harma EZ81 Retro is based on the European design used by Mullard and Philips in the 1960s for military ...In stock£15.00Buy Now
  • 12BH7A-HARMA RETROHarma ValvesThe Harma 12BH7A Retro design is based on the original U.S.A made General Electric 12BH7A. It has a number of features ...In stock£16.00Buy Now
  • EL34/ E34L-HARMA STRHarma ValvesThe Harma STR E34L has found favour with many professional rock guitarists since it was road tested by Ben Matthews of ...In stock£16.00Buy Now
  • ECC83-HARMA STR BALANCEDHarma ValvesSpecial balanced item with matched sections for use in phase inverter position, tube microphones or input positions ...In stock£16.00Buy Now
  • ECC83-HARMA RETROHarma ValvesThe Harma ECC83 Retro is a true sounding recreation of the famous Mullard ECC83.It produces a harmonically rich and ...In stock£16.00Buy Now
  • ECC83-HARMA STR DR250 High GainHarma ValvesA specially selected version of the Harma of the Harma ECC83-STR valve which has a slightly earlier break up than our ...In stock£16.00Buy Now
  • 5U4GB-HARMA RETROHarma ValvesThe Harma 5U4GB Retro is designed on the military grade Philips Sylvania 5U4GB that was used extensively in audio and ...In stock£16.00Buy Now
  • ECC82-HARMA RETROHarma ValvesThe Harma ECC82 is designed on the ladder plate design that was used by Mullard and Philips.It also The valves have a ...In stock£16.50Buy Now
  • 5881-HARMAHarma ValvesThe Harma 5881 is the original button based Russian military valve that powered the Marshall and Mesa Boogie amps (STR ...In stock£18.00Buy Now
  • 6L6GC-HARMA STRHarma ValvesThe Harma 6L6GC STR has a number of features that make this an ideal upgrade in all audio and guitar amplifier ...In stock£18.00Buy Now
  • EL84/ E84L-HARMAHarma ValvesThe Harma E84L is a high quality special application military valve which has a number of unique features. The valve is ...In stock£18.00Buy Now
  • 6L6GC-HARMA RETROHarma ValvesThe Harma 6L6GC Retro is a re issue of the famous Sylvania STR 387 that was produced for Fender in the early 1970s.This ...In stock£18.00Buy Now
  • ECC83-HARMA RETRO-BALANCEDHarma ValvesThe Harma ECC83 Retro balanced is a true sounding recreation of the famous Mullard ECC83.This is a special balanced ...In stock£18.00Buy Now
  • GZ34/ 5AR4-RETRO HARMAHarma ValvesThe Harma GZ34 Retro design is based on Mullardís famous military GZ34/ CV1377.It uses Mullardís compact serrated ...In stock£18.00Buy Now
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