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Watford holds a large and comprehensive inventory of high quality new old stock and current production valves for the professional music and audio industry. All items that we stock must meet our stringent standards for sound quality and reliability. Being musicians and users of valve amplifiers all valves are assessed in real working conditions as to their actual sound. This allows us to advise you of the right valve for your amplifier and your sound. Our in house testing procedure ensures that you get the right quality first time.

We hold high quality new old stock valves made by the great factories of the past. We stock original valves from the great European factories such as Mullard, Philips, RFT, Telefunken, Tesla, Tungsram and Valvo. We also stock original valves from the major American factories such as General Electric, Philips ECG, RCA, Sylvania as well as modern brands such as Electro Harmonix, Genalex-Gold Lion Groove Tubes, JJ Electronic (formally Tesla), Sovtek, Tube Amp Doctor and Tung-Sol.
We also stock the Harma Diamond range of valves which the only burst test range of valves in the world and offer the Musician outstanding sound quality and reliability

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  • 6BQ7A-GENERAL ELECTRICGeneral ElectricThe 6BQ7A is a VHF double triode and it is internally screened and was used in RF amplification and in frequency ...In stock£3.50Buy Now
  • PL36-MAZDAMazdaThe PL36 is an output pentode primarily designed for the line time bases of television receivers. Stock is marked PL36 ...In stock£3.50Buy Now
  • PL36-NATIONAL MATSUSHITANationalThe PL36 an output pentode primarily designed for television receivers.These valves make a fantastic audio valve and ...In stock£6.00
    Buy Now
  • ECC91/ 6J6/ CV858-MULLARDMullardThe CV858 is a special quality version of the ECC91 and 6J6. This miniature double triode was used for VHF signal ...In stock£3.50Buy Now
  • EB91/ EAA91/ 6AL5-RFTRFT This EAA91/EB91 was made in Germany by the RFT factory and was a very high quality double diode was used in many ...In stock£4.00Buy Now
  • 75B1-Z&IZ & I Voltage stabiliser valve used in sound and vision applications from the UK Company Z & I.In stock£4.00Buy Now
  • EBF89-SYLVANIASylvaniaAmerican made Sylvania dual diode, pentodevalve which is equivalent to 6DC8 & 6AD8.Made in 1978 and comes in the ...In stock£4.00Buy Now
  • ECC91/ 6J6-MULLARDMullardThe 6J6/ECC91 a double triode with a common cathode and were used in RF power amplifiers and scopes. In a push pull ...In stock£4.00Buy Now
  • EF80-POLAMPolamVery nice quality EF80 branded Polam made with Philips tooling and identical to the philips item.In stock£4.00Buy Now
  • 6BQ7A-MULLARDMullard6BQ7A Mullard has the old style shield logo and is printed made in Great Britain.The valve has the early black anode ...In stock£4.00Buy Now
  • PCC89-MULLARDMullardMullard list this valve as a high gain, high frequency, frame grid double triode for domestic television receivers.The ...In stock£4.00Buy Now
  • EL820-MULLARDMullardMullard EL820 pentode with old style logoIn stock£4.00Buy Now
  • 6AS5-Z&IZ & I The 6AS5 was an American designed valve for the audio output stage of car radios. The data sheets imply that it can ...In stock£4.00Buy Now
  • 6BA8A-RCARCA The 6BA8A is a miniature,medium mu triode and sharp cut off pentode.The triode section was used as a sync separator in ...In stock£4.00Buy Now
  • 6AQ5A/ EL90-HALTRONHaltron6AQ5A /EL90 is a small audio output beam tetrode valve capable of 4.5 Watts in a single ended configuration. These new ...In stock£4.00Buy Now
  • EB91/ 6AL5/ EAA91-PINNACLEPinnacleEB91 6AL5 EAA91by Pinnacle is a very nice quality double diode was used in many audio applications and has proved very ...In stock£4.00Buy Now
  • EF91/ 6AM6-Z&IZ & I The EF91 is a high gain, high impedance, high slope, screened pentode that was used mainly in radio. In radio it was ...In stock£4.00Buy Now
  • PC86-MAZDAMazdaMazda PC86 is a purpose designed UHF oscillator triode. The PC86 triode will outperform the popular ECC88/6922 types ...In stock£4.00Buy Now
  • 85A2/ 5651-AMPEREXAmperex Amperex 85A2 made in Holland and is fully equivalent to OG3, CV449 and 5651. This is a small, special quality voltage ...In stock£4.00Buy Now
  • EF95/ 6AK5-SIEMENS RUSiemensSiemens EF95 which are one of the best sounding 6AK5 that we have had in stock according to our Little Dot ...In stock£5.00
    Buy Now
  • 6BA6/ EF93-BRIMAR FOREIGNBrimarBrimar 6BA6/ EF93 is a miniature screened pentode.These are marked Foreign BVA and come in the original Brimar boxIn stock£4.00Buy Now
  • ECC84-POLAMPolamECC84 made by polam in PolandIn stock£4.50Buy Now
  • EF184-PINNACLEPinnacleThe EF184 is a purpose designed frame-grid high gain VHF pentode and was used in old Scott FM tuners. These are a very ...In stock£4.50Buy Now
  • EF80-Z&IZ & I EF80 Zaerix valve very nice quality item that has proved very popular with audio users and professional studios.This ...In stock£4.50Buy Now
  • 6CB6A/ EF190-Z&I Z & I 6CB6A-6CFT-EF190 is a short cut off high impedance voltage amplifier pentode mainly used in communication and military ...In stock£4.50Buy Now
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