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Watford holds a large and comprehensive inventory of high quality new old stock and current production valves for the professional music and audio industry. All items that we stock must meet our stringent standards for sound quality and reliability. Being musicians and users of valve amplifiers all valves are assessed in real working conditions as to their actual sound. This allows us to advise you of the right valve for your amplifier and your sound. Our in house testing procedure ensures that you get the right quality first time.

We hold high quality new old stock valves made by the great factories of the past. We stock original valves from the great European factories such as Mullard, Philips, RFT, Telefunken, Tesla, Tungsram and Valvo. We also stock original valves from the major American factories such as General Electric, Philips ECG, RCA, Sylvania as well as modern brands such as Electro Harmonix, Genalex-Gold Lion Groove Tubes, JJ Electronic (formally Tesla), Sovtek, Tube Amp Doctor and Tung-Sol.
We also stock the Harma Diamond range of valves which the only burst test range of valves in the world and offer the Musician outstanding sound quality and reliability

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  • 5842WA-RAYTHEONRaytheonThese are military grade 5842WA from the American Raytheon company. Raytheon was based in Massachusetts, USA and these ...In stock£20.00Buy Now
  • 5879-RCARCA The RCA 5879 is a specially designed pentode to provide low microphonics; low noise and low hum levels in critical ...In stock£20.00Buy Now
  • 5881-HARMAHarma ValvesThe Harma 5881 is the original button based Russian military valve that powered the Marshall and Mesa Boogie amps (STR ...In stock£18.00Buy Now
  • 5881-HARMA MESA SELECTHarma ValvesMesa Select for use in Mesa Boogies

    This valve is specially selected to run in Mesa Boogies fixed bias ...
    In stock£20.00Buy Now
  • 5881-JJ TESLAJJ TeslaThe JJ 5881 are built to replicate the tight and punchy sound of the original USA made 6L6WGB- 5881.The 5881 type was ...In stock£12.00Buy Now
  • 5881WXT-SOVTEKSovtekThe 5881 WXT has established itself as the industry standard as is fitted to most new Fender amps. The reasons for this ...In stock£13.00Buy Now
  • 5R4WGB-CETRONCetron5R4WGB Cetron is a special rugged military Full-Wave rectifier made in the USA. These are used in many high end audio ...In stock£15.00Buy Now
  • 5U4G/ 5U3C-SVETLANA WINGED CSvetlana Winged C These are the original Russian military specification Svetlana winged C 5U4G that were used by Mesa Boogie in the dual ...In stock£22.00Buy Now
  • 5U4GB-ELECTRO HARMONIXElectro HarmonixThe 5U4GB Electro Harmonix is designed with a straight sided glass envelope and reduced size just like the original USA ...In stock£11.50Buy Now
  • 5U4GB-HARMA RETROHarma ValvesThe Harma 5U4GB Retro is designed on the military grade Philips Sylvania 5U4GB that was used extensively in audio and ...In stock£16.00Buy Now
  • 5U4GB-JJ TESLAJJ TeslaThe JJ 5U4GB rectifier is used in many audio and guitar amplifier circuits and can be used to replace 5U4G & 5U4GB. In ...In stock£10.50Buy Now
  • 5U4GB-NATIONALNationalThese National 5U4GB are a very high specification military grade 5U4GB made in the U.S.A.These rectifiers have a ...In stock£18.00Buy Now
  • 5U4GB-PHILIPS JANPhilips ECG JAN15 % off Limited offer

    Original JAN spec 5U4GB made in the U.S.A by Philips to the highest military ...
    In stock£28.00
    Buy Now
  • 5U4GB-RAYTHEON BLACK PLATERaytheonThe Raytheon 5U4GB was used in many early 1960ís era Fender amplifiers. These are very well made with thick ribbed ...In stock£20.00Buy Now
  • 5U4GB-RCARCA Original American 5U4GB made in the U.S.A by R.C.A. The 5U4GB RCA is still regarded by many Audio and Guitar amplifier ...In stock£32.00Buy Now
  • 5U4GB/ 5931-SYLVANIA SylvaniaOriginal American Sylvania 5931 which is a super industrial 5U4GB. The 5931valve features a large heat resistant ...In stock£40.00Buy Now
  • 5V4GA-RAYTHEON BLACK PLATERaytheonThese superb early 5V4GA Raytheon black plates are very sought after due to excellent build and sound quality. The ...In stock£18.00Buy Now
  • 5X4G-PHILCOPhilco USA5X4G American Full wave rectifier that is made by Philco in the USA.One only left in stock In stock£15.00Buy Now
  • 5X4G-SYLVANIASylvania5X4G American Full wave rectifier that is made by Sylvania in the USA.The 5X4G is now being seen in many new audio ...In stock£20.00Buy Now
  • 5Y3GB-CIFTECIFTEThese are the Original Cifte French military 5Y3GB rectifier that date from March 1963.These have the famous 1950ís ST ...In stock£25.00
    Buy Now
  • 5Y3GB-PHILIPS ST SHAPEPhilipsThese are the Original Philips French 5Y3GB rectifier that date from the mid 1960íSThese have the famous 1950ís ST ...In stock£18.00Buy Now
  • 5Y3GB-PHILIPS STRAIGHT SIDE PhilipsOriginal Philips 5Y3GB Straight side rectifier that dates from the mid 1960íSPhilips 5Y3GB has the grey welded double ...In stock£28.00Buy Now
  • 5Y3GB/ U50-MAZDAMazdaThese are the Original 1950s French military 5Y3GB rectifier with the famous 1950ís style large shoulder shape bottle. ...In stock£25.00Buy Now
  • 5Y3GT-HALTRONHaltronThese Haltron CV1856 5Y3GT were supplied to the Government under the CV1856 contract code. This has been one of our ...In stock£15.00Buy Now
  • 5Y3GT-RCARCA Original USA made RCA 5Y3GT rectifier that is considered amongst the best of it type. These are ideal in old Fender ...In stock£35.00Buy Now
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