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We offer a full range of kits designed to improve the sound of your amplifier or equipment.
These specially selected kits cover audio amplifiers, guitar Preamp and output stages in both standard and cryogenically treated sets. We also provide guitarists and bassist upgraded speaker options. These kits have been born out of a lifetime of practical playing experience and offer an upgrade in sound quality.
The valves have been specially chosen for their sound characteristic and quality and are drawn from our own extensive stocks of new old stock as well as current production items. So the sets are design to you the best sound for you particular application.

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  • World Audio Design KECL82 Mullard Upgrade KITWorld Audio Design UpgradesThe WAD KECL82 provides stunning performance using 4 ECL82 valves.We have found the best performing item in this ...In stock£140.00Buy Now
  • World Audio Design KEL84 Philips Upgrade KitWorld Audio Design UpgradesThe WAD KEL84 provides stunning performance and is a true giant killer of an amplifier which out performs many big name ...In stock£200.00Buy Now
  • World Audio Design KIT 6550 & KAT 6550 Upgrade KITWorld Audio Design UpgradesThe World Audio Design Kit and Kat 6550 amplifiers are one of my favourite sounding 6550 KT88 designs and offer ...In stock£184.00Buy Now
Total : 78 | Page 4 of 4
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