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Watford Valves was the first Company in the World to offer a cryogenically treated valve brand range showing huge commitment to the proven scientific cryogenic process.
The Harma Diamond deep cryogenically treated valve range offers the musician and audiophile valves which are not only specially selected and tested, but are cryogenically treated for the ultimate performance. We also offer a full range of cryogenically treated valves made by the great factories of the past, such as Mullard, Telefunken, Philips as well as modern brands such as Groove Tubes, Tube Amp Doctor, JJ Electronic (formally Tesla), Electro Harmonix and Sovtek. So whatever is your preferred make Watford Valves will have a cryogenically treated version in stock.

What are the benefits of using cryogenically treated Valves?
The cryogenic process offers permanent change to the metals microstructure. The reduction in electronic noise improves the valves noise floor leading to lower microphonics. Until now clear note definition, musical complexity and rich harmonic content was only attainable by using rare and expensive new old stock classics.

Many guitarists have found the dramatic effect cryogenic treatment has on the way the valve performs not only in clean applications but also when overdriven. The cryogenic process removes the harshness from the valves tone and imaging has more focus and bite. It has a warmer sound which is pleasing to listen to, providing a clear and musical distortion. In short, many musicians, engineers and audiophiles have found that by using cryogenically treated valves it is a proven way of obtaining NOS sound quality with a great difference, an affordable price!

We offer a full range of cryogenically treated valves Harma Diamond Cryogenically treated valve range- High quality at an affordable price.

Nick Guppy, amp reviewer for the UK GUITARIST magazine wrote
“Compared to NOS Telefunken, the Harma Cryo ECC83 offered an improvement in gain and high frequency response that noticeably enhanced this amps singing lead voice and lush clean sounds”.

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  • ECC83/ 12AX7-ELECTRO HARMONIX-CYROElectro Harmonix CryoThe 12AX7 Electro Harmonix Cryo has a number of excellent features which when added to it excellent and clear sound ...In stock£16.00Buy Now
  • ECC83/ ECC83S-JJ TESLA CRYOJJ Tesla Cryo This specially treated cryogenic version of the JJ/TESLA ECC83S. The Cryo treatment gives better clarity, improved ...In stock£16.00Buy Now
  • 6GK5/ 6FQ5-HARMA CRYOHarma Cryo These specially treated cryo 6GK5 offer the Conrad Johnson owners the ultimate performance. They provide a more ...In stock£16.00Buy Now
  • EL84 STR-TAD CRYOTube Amp Doctor Cryo The Cryo Treated EL84-C has a number of sonic advantages over the non treated item.This Chinese made EL84 is known for ...In stock£16.00Buy Now
  • ECC81-HARMA STR CRYOHarma Cryo The Harma ECC81-CRYO is a specially treated and selected valve for use in critical positions in both audio and guitar ...In stock£16.00Buy Now
  • ECC83/ ECC83WA-TAD RT008-CRYOTube Amp Doctor Cryo TAD ECC83 WA is a valve from TAD which is aimed at the Fender market and provides a clear high end response. TAD has ...In stock£16.00Buy Now
  • 6N1P-VI-HARMA CRYOHarma Cryo The Harma 6N1P-VI Cryo is a special long life, low noise version of the 6N1P. They are all selected to very tight ...In stock£16.00Buy Now
  • ECC83-HARMA STR CRYOHarma Cryo The Harma ECC83-STR Cryo has the most neutral and warmest sounding with the Classic vintage tone when compared to all ...In stock£18.00Buy Now
  • EL84-ELECTRO HARMONIX-CRYOElectro Harmonix CryoThis specially treated Cryo version of Electro Harmonix flagship EL84 has given great results in guitar amplifiers as ...In stock£18.00Buy Now
  • ECC83/ 7025WA-TAD RT080-CRYOTube Amp Doctor Cryo The TAD 7025 WA Cryo is a low noise version of the TAD ECC83 WA selected for use in demanding V1 position of high gain ...In stock£18.50Buy Now
  • ECC83/ 7025-HARMA DR250-CRYO-Hi Gain-Harma Cryo The Harma 7025 Dr250 High Gain Cryo is the perfect valve where clarity and gain are the main requirements. This valve ...In stock£20.00Buy Now
  • EZ81/ 6CA4-HARMA RETRO-CRYOHarma Cryo The Harma EZ81 Retro is based on the European design used by Mullard and Philips in the 1960s for military ...In stock£20.00Buy Now
  • ECC83-HARMA RETRO CRYOHarma Cryo The Harma ECC83 Retro Cryo is a true sounding recreation of the famous Mullard ECC83.The valve produces a harmonically ...In stock£20.00Buy Now
  • ECC83-HARMA STR CRYO BALANCEDHarma Cryo Special balanced item with matched sections for use in phase inverter position, tube microphones or input positions ...In stock£20.00Buy Now
  • EL84-JJ TESLA CRYOJJ Tesla Cryo The JJ-Tesla EL84 Cryo is the best sounding version of JJ EL84 valve available today.The Cryo treatment enhances the ...In stock£20.00Buy Now
  • ECC83/ ECC83S-JJ TESLA CRYO BALANCEDJJ Tesla Cryo This is a specially treated cryogenic and selected balanced version of the JJ-TESLA ECC83S. The Cryo treatment gives ...In stock£20.00Buy Now
  • EL34/ E34L-HARMA STR CRYOHarma Cryo The Harma STR E34L has found favour with many professional rock guitarists since it was road tested by Ben Matthews of ...Sold Out£22.00Buy Now
  • ECC83-HARMA RETRO-BALANCED CRYOHarma Cryo The Harma ECC83 Retro balanced Cryo is a true sounding recreation of the famous Mullard ECC83.This is a special Cryo ...In stock£22.00Buy Now
  • 5U4GB-HARMA RETRO CRYOHarma Cryo The Harma Retro Cryo 5U4GB is a specially Cryogenically treated version offering the ultimate in performance.The Harma ...In stock£22.00Buy Now
  • EL34-HARMA RETRO CRYOHarma Cryo The Harma EL34-Retro is based on the famous Mullard EL34 and has a number of important features over standard EL34 ...In stock£24.00Buy Now
  • 5881-HARMA CRYOHarma Cryo The Harma 5881-Cryo is the button based Russian military valve is the same valve which powered the Marshall and Mesa ...In stock£24.00Buy Now
  • EL84-HARMA RETRO CRYOHarma Cryo The Harma EL84 Retro Cryo is a recreation of the famous Mullard EL84 and follows the original design and electrical ...In stock£24.00Buy Now
  • 6L6GC-JJ TESLA CRYOJJ Tesla Cryo The JJ-Tesla 6L6GC Cryo is the best sounding version of JJ 6L6GC valve available today. The Cryo treatment enhances the ...In stock£24.00Buy Now
  • 6V6GTS-JJ TESLA CRYOJJ Tesla Cryo The JJ-Tesla 6V6GTS Cryo is a specially cryo treated version and is the best sounding version of JJ 6V6GTS valve.The ...In stock£24.00Buy Now
  • EL34 MK2-JJ TESLA CRYOJJ Tesla Cryo The JJ Tesla EL34 MK 2 is a major improvement over the standard JJ EL34. The Issue with the standard EL34 is that it ...In stock£24.00Buy Now
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