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We stock a small range of high quality pedals. The pedals that we stock are chosen on the following criteria; they must have exceptional sound quality and reliability and also when needed, the company must provide excellent customer support. They also have to be pedal that I would be happy to own and use myself. All our stock regardless of which one you choose, are all amongst the best sounding pedals available.

MXR pedals have been the industry leader in guitar effects pedals since the early 1970s. These pedals are on countless hit records spanning all musical styles. Super build quality and innovative sounds has made these the market leader.

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  • MXR Analog Chorus Pedal M234MXR PedalsIf you like the vintage 1980s era Boss CE-2 chorus then this is what MXR have set out to recreate with the analog ...In stock£90.83Buy Now
  • MXR M169A Carbon Copy Analog Delay 10th Ann EditionMXR PedalsThis special edition of the Carbon Copy Analog Delay which features lightweight aluminium housing with a metallic ...In stock£132.50Buy Now
  • MXR Carbon Copy Deluxe Analog Delay M292MXR PedalsThe Carbon Copy is one of the world bestselling delay pedals and this Deluxe version allows you that much more control ...In stock£182.50Buy Now
  • MXR Custom Shop Raijin Drive Overdrive Pedal CSP037MXR PedalsMXR Custom Shop Raijin Drive is designed by Shin Suzuki who is the most celebrated amp and pedal designer in Japan. He ...In stock£107.50Buy Now
  • MXR Sugar Drive Overdrive M294MXR PedalsThe MXR Sugar Drive Pedal provides a diverse range of clear and transparent overdrive tones, from sauced up boosting to ...In stock£99.16Buy Now
  • MXR Custom Shop Timmy Mini Overdrive Pedal CSP207MXR PedalsThe MXR Timmy Overdrive provides a huge range of gritty, textured tones that enhance your rig’s sound while preserving ...In stock£115.83Buy Now
  • MXR M282 DYNA COMP BASS COMPRESSORMXR PedalsThe Dyna Comp Bass Mini Compressor delivers the most iconic compression sound in music history, tweaked and tuned just ...Sold Out£124.17Buy Now
  • MXR M87 BASS COMPRESSORMXR PedalsTake your favourite studio compressor to the stage with the MXR Bass Compressor.A complete array of controls Attack, ...In stock£154.17Buy Now
  • MXR M83 BASS CHORUS DELUXEMXR PedalsThe MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe is powered by pure analog bucket brigade technology, serving up shimmering, liquid chorus ...In stock£140.83Buy Now
  • MXR M85 BASS DISTORTIONMXR PedalsThe MXR Bass Distortion dishes out big gnarly tones with the entire low end your bottom dwelling heart desires. Working ...In stock£124.17Buy Now
  • MXR M80 BASS DI PLUSMXR PedalsFinally, all the essentials in one tough little box, you need a serious D.I. for playing live and laying down killer ...In stock£140.83Buy Now
  • MXR M181 BASS BLOW TORCH OVERDRIVEMXR PedalsThe MXR M181 Bass Blow Torch is one of the best bass overdrives on the market.It supplies anything from the traditional ...Sold Out£107.50Buy Now
  • MXR M82 BASS ENVELOPE FILTERMXR PedalsThe MXR M82 is one of the best bass envelope filters that I have used and that it is why it is still on my pedal ...In stock£132.50Buy Now
  • MXR M84 BASS FUZZ DELUXEMXR PedalsA Bass Fuzz pedal which recreates the sound of Gezer Butlers bass on those early Black Sabbath records.To create the ...In stock£115.83Buy Now
  • MXR M89 BASS OVERDRIVEMXR PedalsIf you are using a sterile transistor bass amp and long for that valve overdriven sound then you need this. The MXR ...In stock£115.83Buy Now
  • MXR M280 VINTAGE BASS OCTAVEMXR PedalsThe MXR Vintage Bass Octave upgrades the warm analog sub bass vibes of a classic circuit with superior tracking, ...Sold Out£132.50Buy Now
  • MXR M288 BASS OCTAVE DELUXEMXR PedalsThe Bass Octave Deluxe is a dual voice octave pedal that offers analog tone, true bypass, and a variety of tonal ...In stock£132.50Buy Now
  • MXR M81 BASS PREAMPMXR PedalsThe MXR Bass Preamp combines a pristine bass preamp with a studio quality Direct Out in a Phase 90 sized box, providing ...In stock£140.83Buy Now
  • MXR M281 THUMP BASS PREAMPMXR PedalsThe MXR Thump Bass Preamp is a tone sweetening signal boosting, bass preamp. This pedal was conceived when the MXR ...Sold Out£115.83Buy Now
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