Tungsram / EL84-TUNGSRAM 1976 SINGLE

EL84-TUNGSRAM 1976 SINGLE EL84-TUNGSRAM 1976 SINGLE Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Singles Only

Original Tungsram EL84 and date from the middle 1970's with production code E76.

These are rare as Tungsram sourced plate material and components from Philips in Holland. So these have the square holes in the anode with stapled plate and halo getter
The sound is very close to the original Dutch Philips and Amperex and also the UK Mullard EL84.

This valve outperforms all the current production EL84 and really blows many high priced nos items out of the water. It has better definition, smoother bass and a really fat warm rounded tone with crisp highs.

We have a very limited stock of these, Sorry no matched pairs



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