General Electric / GZ32/5V4GA-GENERAL ELECTRIC

GZ32/5V4GA-GENERAL ELECTRIC GZ32/5V4GA-GENERAL ELECTRIC Click on image(s) above to view larger

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American made General Electric 5V4GA rectifier that is equivalent to a GZ32.

The 5V4GA has always been one of my favourite rectifier's valves for old Fender amps. The most common use is to substitute the 5Y3GT for the 5V4GA. When used in place of a 5Y3GT the 5V4GA produces LESS voltage drop. This results in the amp having LESS sag/compression which means that the amp has a cleaner and warmer sound with less hardness at the top end.

The General Electric 5V4GA is clear top with supported anode Excellent rectifier great sub for a 5Y3GT in old vintage amplifiers or in place of GZ32 in old Quad 11 amplifiers.



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