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Special offer matched pairs only

The General Electric EL84-6BQ5 is one of the best American EL84 ever produced.
General Electric used the cylindrical anode design that was favoured by RCA and Philips.

The real strong points of this valve are its trade mark larger than life sound; this was possibly due to the high grade nickel G.E used for its anode plates. The sound is warmer and less bright than any other American made EL84 but it retains all the high end definition. This even holds true under heavily overdriven conditions as the valve always remains in control.

These sounds great in old VOX AC15 and AC30 and for that big sound stage these are the first choice. These work really well also in the modern hand built American boutique amplifiers as they really calms down the rather brittle top end response that some of these amplifiers produce.

The American General Electric EL84 simply brings any Audio or guitar amplifier to life.

These are an excellent buy and we have a very limited stock of these all which have been tested and matched pairs .



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