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Tesla started production in 1922 under its original name of Radioslavia Ltd in Czechoslovakia. It has a long history of manufacturing high quality transmitting valves and defense equipment. The Tesla factory was known for making some outstanding valves. The Original EL34 better in terms of microphonics and reliability than the famous Mullard EL34, hence Marshall used the Tesla EL34 from the mid 1970ís onwards. The frame grid E83CC was due to its construction the most expensive of it type to produce. Still to this day it is one of the best sounding ECC83/12AX7 types ever made. These are just a few of an endless list of pioneering valves produced by this great Czechoslovakian factory that sadly is no longer with us.
These original Tesla EF806S are the ultimate EF86 for use in tube microphones or critical audio and guitar amplifier applications. This special quality 10,000 hour EF86 valves where made for the most demanding applications.

In order to do this Tesla copied the famous TELEFUNKEN EF806S design and electrical specification. The valve was internally selected by Tesla to be a direct replacement for the Telefunkens.

This valve is ideal in valve microphones as it has very low noise. The valve has a different construction at the top of the anode under the getter which shows that if is different from the regular factory EF86.



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