ECC82/6189/12AU7WA-RADIO TECHNIQUE HALF PLATE Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Rare Half Plate version in matched pairs

Here we have the very rare half plate anode design radio Technique 12AU7WA/6189W

These valves date from the early 1960s and were long life valves made by Radio Technique for French military.

The valve differs from the Ladder plate as it has the smaller half plate anode, it has the finest quality copper support rods and the getter is double supported

The 6189W/ECC82 was a special military grade valve that was used in aero Avionics and industrial communications equipment.

The design of the half plate anode was considered to offer better isolation to shock and vibration and like the latter ladder plate design These valves were made with the highest grade materials and with no compromise on selection or quality control.

These valves have a number of unique features such as high grade filament isolation so even after long periods of use the filament will not degrade and were rated for long life. To put it simply, No modern day ECC82 is made to this specification.

Over the years we have had many audio customers ask us to check our stock of the Half ladder plate items to see if we had any of these hidden gems.

Like the ladder plate version they offer a warm, detailed and neutral sound. In audio circuits the valves have a very clear bass response, which is both tight and musical. The sound has even detail across the audio spectrum. treble is clear and smooth.

Many Audio Customers have said that the half plate has more musical speed and dynamics. This has made this item the most sought after.

I have personally found very little to choose from between the Ladder plate and the Half plate, they are both exceptional sounding valves but what I can say is that these are certainly amongst the best ECC82 types ever made.

Please note most of the valve have a white logo only, some have dual logo, white and green, we have pictured the green logo as it shows up better

We offer these in matched balanced pairs only.
Balanced -matched triode sections for Audio amplifiers that require matched pairs

All Balanced preamp valves are Dynamically Drive tested under real working condition have passed the following tests:

Gain (db) Drive Tested
Transconductance (gm) Drive Tested
Output Drive Tested
Noise 1 (signal to noise)
Noise 2 (Aural)
Microphonics Test 1(Ambient)
Microphonic Test 2 (Shock)
Cathode Test
Grid Leakage Test



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