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Ampeg B15N Philips JAN 6SL7WGT Preamp Kit Ampeg B15N Philips JAN 6SL7WGT Preamp Kit Click on image(s) above to view larger

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These Ampeg pre amp revalve kits are put together to provide a sonic upgrade over the stock valves in your Ampeg. I own and have played over the past 30 years Ampeg SVT, Original V4B and for recording the B15-N portaflex. I have also used many of the Ampeg valve pre amps.So these kits use the best of New Old Stock valves and modern day production items to give you the best sound out of these lengendary bass amps.
The Ampeg B15N Philips Jan6SL7WGT Upgrade kit will cover the majority of B15 porta flex family of amplifiers manufactured by Ampeg. This will cover the original 1960's B15, 1962 B15NB and any model that use 3 6SL7GT valves. This amplifier has a number of variants so please check your amplifier and model for the exact valve line up.

The simple truth is that these amplifiers do not sound the same with modern made valves.

This set is a no compromise set put together to give you the best sound with original USA made 6SL7

Many Ampeg owners, including myself, feel that in terms of punch and clarity Philips Jan 6SL7WGT is the best sounding valve for use in the B series range for those that want a more punchy tone. It is both cleaner an has more treble punch than the RCA. These are the ones that I have selected and kept for my own Ampeg B15 until now.

This valve was made for the American military and so is a rugged American 6SL7. The valve differs from the standard 6SL7GT and the RCA. They have solid halo getter with thick half-moon bottom mica spacer and the valve anode plates are inverted so are not facing each other. These are smaller to prevent rattle and microphonics as the valve was designed to be anti vibration. The also have the black coating to the anode plates.

These valves simply sound wonderful as they provide a more leaner and clearer tone with more punch. Whist to RCA 6SL7 we have provide the fattest and most rounded bass sound. The Philips Jan 6SL7WGT have a slightly more aggressive and a transparent and cleaner midband .This is what I have found from using these in the two B15 models that I personally own. Sonically they have outperformed all modern made 6SL7 types that I have tried. The reason that I prefer the Philips is that with a P Bass you get that classic P bass tone.

The set consist of 3 specially selected Philips Jan 6SL7WGT with a balanced valve for use in the phase inverter position which is located nearest the output valves.

The set consist of

2 Selected Philips Jan 6SL7WGT
1 Selected & Balanced Philips Jan 6SL7WGT

Please note that this kit is for the valves only



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