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Fender Bassman 1959 Groove Tubes Super Premium ECC83S 6L6GC GE 5U4GB Full Upgrade Kit Fender Bassman 1959 Groove Tubes Super Premium ECC83S 6L6GC GE 5U4GB Full Upgrade Kit Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Fender Amplifiers have a huge musical legacy that dates from the very beginning of modern popular music. Fender amplifies have a clean tonal character which is not matched by another manufacture in the world. Our Fender full revalve kits are put together after a life time of using and comparing the performance of valves in these amplifiers. The kits offer the best options drawn from original new old stock USA made valves and their modern counterparts. They are designed and put together to provide improved sonic and tonal definition with more clarity out of these legendary amplifiers. Each preamp kit is specially selected for low noise, uniform gain and tonal characteristic. All output valves have been burst tested and matched on anode current and gain.
Full Groove Tube Set

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The Fender Bassman 1959 Groove Super Premium ECC83S & 6L6GC GE Re Issue Full Upgrade kit is designed to give you the vintage American sounding large sound stage with a touch sensitive response using a set of specially selected Groove Tubes.

By replacing the stock GZ34 with a 5U4GB you will make the amplifier have more compression or sag. What this means is the spongy touch sensitive response of amplifier will happen sooner.The reason for this is that when used in place of a GZ34 the 5U4GB produces more voltage drop.This is a common substitutes and a favourite of many professional players.

ECC83S Groove Tube is the most popular replacement valve as it produces a warm even tone with a full rounded bass response. It has a clean clear response and responds well when overdriven. The valves excellent overdrive sound and saturation control make it ideal if you are using it as a pedal platform. The valves overall clarity makes this a good choice for Fender amplifiers where clarity and warmth are required.

The Groove Tubes 6L6GC GE Reissue is a faithful recreation of General Electric later type clear top 6L6GC. This is one of the most famous 6L6GC of all time due to incredible dynamic range and large sound stage. The GT 6L6GC reissue version is simply one of the best 6L6GC available for Fender amplifiers.

The reissue has the right balance of clarity and distortion when pushed in Fender amplifies. In clean mode, this valve provides a warm smooth sound with a very clean and open treble and is a faithful reproduction of the originals General Electrics tone. In overdriven mode the valve has the right balance in terms of clarity and crunchy dynamics producing a clear creamy warm sustain.

Our Groove Tubes Super Premium Valves are specially burst tested by us. We take selected GT items and in addition to GTs in house testing and distortion rating on output valves they also undergo our own unique real world burst testing. The burst testing process involves a series of varying timed electrical signal bursts. This runs the valves under the same stress conditions that they will meet in your amplifier. All out put valves are then dual matched by us on current and gain. This will ensure that you get the best selected GT valves available anywhere in the world.

The kit consists of 6 valves

2 Specially Selected Groove Tubes ECC83S for positions V1 & V2
1 Specially Selected & Balanced Groove Tubes ECC83S for V3
2 Groove Tube 6L6GC GE Reissue Super premium in a matched pair.
1 Groove Tube Super premium 5U4GB rectifier

Please note that this kit is for the valves only



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