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Cifte were a French manufacture of valves Compagnie Industrielle Française des Tubes Electroniques aka "CIFTE". The valves were of very high quality due to excellent quality control.
These are original French made ECL82 by CIFTE which was part of the French Mazda Company and date from 1972.

The original design data described the ECL82 as an audio triode plus output pentode in one glass envelope. This is a very complex valve to manufacture hence why there is no production of this type in the world. Many customers who have had this valve have told us that this is the one of the most musical sounding ECL82. The valve gives a warm and clear musical sound. This valve is used in many vintage radiograms and audio amplifiers such as Audio Innovations.

We have very limited stock of this valve and all come in the original French Government boxes with 1972 date codes on the box.



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