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Psvane Audio is a brand name owned by a private group of audiophiles that manufacture valves in China. Members of this private group worked for Shuguang and they were the key R&D personnel for the hugely popular black bottle Shuguang Treasure series.

Psvane aim is to be a premier Audio brand and the valves are made to extremely high standards. Watford Valves then screen, test and match them ourselves from factory matched items with each valve having it own test certificate. This insures that you'll receive only the best quality item
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The Psvane ECC83 is part of the Classic series which is also known as the hifi series.

Psvane hope to crack the guitar and audio market with these valves by offering designs
based on iconic valves. The Psvane ECC83 uses Classic Mullard Philips style ladder plate construction.

To cope with high gain amplifier guitar circuits Psvane have cleverly reduced the gain and anode current of the valve thus making it in middle to low gain region. The reason for is two fold, Firstly to appeal to gain hungry guitar amplifier manufactures demand for valves that work in sensitive positions and secondly to give a warm smooth response.

Soundwise ,The ECC83 Psvane follows the blue print of the Groove tube 12AX7M Groove tube.The GT 12AX7M was many players favourite valve,which is no doubt why the Psvane had tried to recreated it as it is some of the same engineers that worked on the GT that are now at Psvane.

It has a tight and clear bottom end which is not bass heavy or flabby. The midrange response is full but not as rich sounding as the GT. The Psvane also follows the recessed rolled off treble response of the GT12AX7M. This no doubt to appeal to the American market where a lot of amplifiers are a little too bright and these are designed to tame them down a little.

In my own Fender and Marshall amplifiers The Psvane sounded excellent, in the Fenders they struck the right balance of smooth shimmering highs and clarity. In The Marshalls they offered a warm smooth crunch with a dark less aggressive top end, in short wonderful.
For Audio we installed the Psvane ECC83 in the two positions in a Primialuna Classic CD player.

The Psvane displayed a clear warm smooth sound which had a highly detailed musician presentation which many people with love, However for me the rolled off treble was an issue in audio applications.

Overall the Psvane ECC83 is best suited to guitar amplifier applications and offers outstanding sound quality and performance for the price



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