Manley Laboratories Full Revalve Kits / Manley Pultec EQP1 A Equaliser 1993-2013 Model 6414 STR Full Upgrade Kit

Manley Pultec EQP1 A Equaliser 1993-2013 Model 6414 STR Full Upgrade Kit Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Manley Laboratories are an American manufacture of high end studio and audio products All Manley products are built in California with machine shop, printed circuit board manufacture, audio transformer winding, engraving, and silk-screening facilities. All custom design, R&D, assembly, testing, and quality control processes are performed in house. Manley products are found in all the world’s leading broadcasting and recording studios
This set is for the version of Manley Mono Pultec EQP1-A made between 1993 & 2013.

This full upgrade kit is designed to provide the best sonic and audio performance available using modern valves from this legendary piece of studio equipment. This upgrade kit is for those musicians and studios on a reduced budget but still require gain selected valves for their equipment.

It is recommended that you check your unit before ordering the valves to ensure that your units valves correspond with the items in this kit as models can vary and in some cases have been modified.

This set consists of 2 valves

1 Specially Gain selected Harma ECC82 STR
1 Specially Gain selected 6414 National Gold line

Please note that this kit is for the valves only



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