LCR Capacitors / LCR-32UF+32UF/450V Radial Can

LCR-32UF+32UF/450V Radial Can LCR-32UF+32UF/450V Radial Can Click on image(s) above to view larger

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LCR Capacitors were UK made and used in many famous vintage audio and guitar amplifier designs. LCR caps are sought after for their reliability and superb audio sound quality.The company discontinued production of high voltage Audio capacitor range in early 2000 all of which were used in guitar & audio amplifiers.
Over the years LCR capacitors have been sought after by vintage collectors and Hi fi uses as many believe these are amongst the best sounding capacitors for audio applications.
Original NOS UK made LCR 32uf+32uf dual section radial capacitor rated at 450 volts.

35mm diameter x 50mm tall 4 snap in terminal connection which gives stability when mounted on a PCB. The terminals are colour coded.

Original LCR capacitors are the most sought after vintage caps due to their renowned sound quality. We have a limited stock of these available with no prospect of any more.



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