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Philips electronics components group was the name given to the products marketed in America after Philips bought the American valve manufacturer Sylvania in the early 1980’s. Sylvania was a major manufacturer of valves and Philips bought them to get the lucrative American Government and military contracts. These valves are of the highest military grade which offer outstanding performance and were all made in the USA.
Original JAN specification 5R4GA made in the USA by Philips to the highest military specification.

This valve is straight sided and will replace 5R4, 5R4G, 5R4GB, 5R4GY, 5R4WGA, 5R4WGB, 5R4WGY.The valve provides the exact rectification and long life as you would expect from a valve that was supplied for military application.

In many users opinion the Philips Jan 5R4GA was the best that they had come across for use in Audio applications.

The directly heated full wave rectifier valve features a straight sided glass envelope with vibration proof box anode construction. The valve also has the low loss brown micanol base, micanol was a special heat resistant base that was specified for military use. The valve has a triple getter with a double getter at the top and a single getter at the side to ensure that gas free evacuation was achieved and to maintain the vacuum at its best. The valve has a high grade filament isolation so even after long periods of use the filament will not degrade.

Finally, all these were run through the tightest quality control procedure to gain military acceptance and full jan speciation and where manufactured in the mid 1980s.

This is a superb 5R4 Rectifier and excellent in all applications



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