Relic Electric Company / ECC83/12AX7WC-REC RELIC Trade 10 pieces

ECC83/12AX7WC-REC RELIC Trade 10 pieces ECC83/12AX7WC-REC RELIC Trade 10 pieces Click on image(s) above to view larger

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The Relic Electric Company valve range consists of high grade audiophile valves which have been designed on industry classics. The valves are sourced from the pick of the current production valves and also rare new old stock items. They include special quality manufactures production runs with the aim to offer Modern High Grade Audio Classics.

The range will include all the Classic audio valves and to ensure premium quality all the valves are all re tested at high plate volt settings and distributed by Watford Valves of England.
The 12AX7WC REC Relic is a Limited edition preamp valve that was made as a replica of the famous Nos Beijing military 6N4-J 12AX7WA

Many guitarist, amplifier designers and engineers considered the Beijing military 6N4-J 12AX7WA as one of the best sounding 12AX7 for guitar amps .These we used by Marshall and every amplifier maker under the sun until the factory closed in 1990.

12AX7WC REC Relic was made to closely follow the original design including the clasp supported anode plate and quad supported triple mica and differs only by using a halo getter.

This valve sounds fantastic and is great for Marshalls, Fenders and hard sounding high gain amps.

Tonally the valve is superbly balanced, warm and very musical sounding. It tone is sweet and warm and not overtly bright. This clarity works well in Fender and Fender Style amps circuits.

The valve breaks up early and is easily overdriven with a slight increase in gain .It produces a tight bass, crunchy mids and clear musically warm treble which is not cutting unlike many 12ax7 types that are on the market today. Ideal for classic Marshall crunch sounds with a focus on the high mids.

In High gain amplifiers and High gain stage positions This valve sweetens the sound and takes some of the edge off of high gain amps by reducing the brightness but still maintaining the note articulation. it will provide pleasing harmonic distortion just like the original Beijing military 6N4-J

In picture two we have photographed the 12AX7WC-REC Relic against the Beijing military 6N4-J 12AX7WA which shows how closely these were manufactured to the originals.

Here you get 10 pieces of 12AX7WC REC @ £10.80 each making a total £108



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