Marshall Pots / ALPHA 24mm PC mount 22K Log Pot

ALPHA 24mm PC mount 22K Log Pot Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Genuine Marshall potentiometers for most years of Marshall amplifiers.Rotary carbon pots solid construction in all the sizes such as 11mm, supplied in green or blue casing,16mm and 24mm. Marshall source pots from Alpha and number of other suppliers so they can vary. Very high quality to keep your Marshall rocking in perfect operating condition.
Alpha 24 mm carbon composition splined shaft pots have proved to be very low noise and long lasting 300 degree rotation and 500 Volt DC rating.

This pot is used by many guitar amplifier brands including Marshall

The difference with this pot is that has a 6 mm diameter bushing, or 0.23622 inches in old money.

The original Marshall pots have a 6.35 mm diameter bushing, or 0.25 inches so Alpha and a few other companies make them to old 0.25 inch 6.35mm specification.

Technicians who have used these in Marshall that require a 6.35 mm diameter bushing have advised me that they used additional washers (2 off) and nuts (3 off) to be a drop in replacement.

22K Log pot 24mm PC Mount

24 mm carbon composition, 300 rotation
1/2 watt, 500VDC rating
Splined metal shaft
Body Depth 11.5 mm
Body Width 24 mm
Bushing Length 11.5 mm
Shaft Diameter 6 mm
Total Shaft Length 21 mm
Washer I.D. 8.1 mm
Washer O.D. 14 mm
Washer Thickness 0.4 mm



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