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These are the original military grade JAN specification 12AX7WA that were made by General Electric in the U.S.A for the American Government.

The G.E valve was used extensively by Fender all throughout the 70's and 80's under their own Fender brand and were the 12AX7 that was standard in all those silver face Fender amplifiers. The USA made General Electric valve is very sought after valve by both guitarists and High end audio users due to the exception clarity and sound stage.

The G.E 12AX7-WA is warm and very musical with especially fabulous midrange. What sets this valve apart from the rest is that is well balanced and smooth and it has the best top end response of any 12AX7 making it a great choice for blues, jazz, and classic rock players. In the opinion of many of the industry leading reviewers this is the best valve to use in Fenders or Fender Style amplifiers when a crisp and clear sound is required.

Fender along with other giants in musical amplifier manufacture such as Audio Research and Conrad Johnson used General Electric valves for their sound quality and durability. The G.E valves were chosen over many other famous factories as original issue for the above reasons.

Jan specification items used the best quality nickel for the anode plates and highest quality internal components. Every single valve measures exactly the same and they are superbly balanced, These really are the best of the best.

These items come in the original government boxes have the green government lettering with 12AX7WA USA acid etched into the glass. These will be on sale for a very limited time as we have a small quantity of these in stock.



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