Mazda / ECC81- MAZDA RFT

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Last two

ECC81 Mazda is a very high quality ECC81-12AT7 valve which was made in the East German RFT factory. These are our last two in stock so they are on special offer.

Many of you will have seen these under the Telefunken and Siemens brands as both these companies bought these heavily and sold them as their own

RFT ECC81 has two important design features which sets it apart from other new old Stock ECC81.

The Germans designed this have with a 22mm glass envelope, this results in very low microphonics due to its thickness. It also uses the military half flanged anode design which was made to withstand stock and vibration.

Unlike other factories like Mullard, the German RFT engineers improved on this design by supporting the internal structure which sees two chrome plates through the side of the valve. This item out performs any modern day ECC81/12AT7 such as the Chinese, JJ and Electro Harmonix items and is one on my favourite ECC81.

This valve also has a smooth warm sound so has become our first choice valve for audio and guitar application for many years.

It has a rounded midrange which is warm and musical but what sets this valve apart is it is superbly transparent and clear. If your amp is dark then these will give some added sparkle. This valve also works very well as a reverb driver as it provides extra clarity and lushness to your reverb.


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