General Electric / ECC83/12AX7A-GENERAL ELECTRIC 1980S

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The General Electric ECC83 12AX7A are the original American made item that is one of the most sought after valves of its type. The General Electric is noted for its large sound stage and plenty of midrange detail.

What made the General Electric 12AX7A so special was that it had the best clean definition out of any of the American made 12AX7 types. The top end is always clear and out front even under full overdriven situation.

This sound was the hall mark of all those silver faced Fender amps from the 1970s through to the middle 1980s. Fender used the General Electric ECC83 12AX7 throughout this period normally branded the valves Fender. These are the valves that provide the authentic Fender twang, punchy mids with a bright but soft treble.

Fender along with other giants in musical amplifier manufacture such as Audio Research and Conrad Johnson used General Electric valves for their sound quality and durability. The General Electric valves were chosen over many other famous factories for this reason.

These come tested for low noise low microphonics and in the original General Electric orange and black boxes with white lettering. The valve is excellent in all guitar amplifiers and has 12AX7 acid etched into the glass.



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