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Fender have made some ground breaking pedals over the years with a focus on reliability and performance. We stock some of Fender best sounding items.
Fender Downtown Express Bass Station

Designed by Alex Aguilar the Fender Downtown Express Bass Station is a superb bass multi-effects pedal. Everything you need to is here from true rms analogue compression, 3-band EQ and overdrive with cab simulator and multi assignable DI output.

Alex has designed the Downtown Express Bass Station so you have the ultimate sound shaping tools at your feet. Each effect is individually switchable so if you use multiple effects the signal chain can be ordered how you want. The best feature is that the 3 band EQ midband uses inductors this provide the sonic sounds of all the classic 70 and 1980 bass rigs, yes the Ampeg SVT is in here. A mute switch gives you silent tuning. Separate tuner out so can remove the tuner from the signal path.

LED backlit knobs let you see your control settings clearly at a glance on dark stages.
The Downtown Express Bass Station is a superb tone shaping device for the stage or studio.

*Analogue compression
*Overdrive with speaker emulation
*Dynamically responsive modulation rate
*Versatile 3 Band EQ and tone shaping controls
*Effect order toggle switch to order the signal flow how you want
*Designed in conjunction with Alex Aguilar
*Direct output for performance flexibility
*Amp Jewel LED stage ready LED backlit knobs
*Lightweight durable anodized aluminium chassis
*400ma centre tip negative

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