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Fender have made some ground breaking pedals over the years with a focus on reliability and performance. We stock some of Fender best sounding items.
Fender Bubbler Analog Chorus & Vibrato

The Fender Bubbler Analog Chorus & Vibrato Pedal sets new standards for this type pf Effect. The Pedal features a range of options for you to shape your sound. Fully analog and infinitely customisable chorus and vibrato with blend and feedback controls allowing you to fine tune your sound. Switchable speed with independent rate and depth controls allow you to change the fundamental characteristics of the chorus effect.

The dynamically responsive modulation rate is sensitive to your playing. This is astounding for the money and gives my Keeley Seafoam Chorus stiff competition. The Fender has a strong aluminium chassis and the Fender Bubbler Analog Chorus & Vibrato come with stage visible LED backlit knobs for precise setting ion dim stages.

*Fully analog circuit
*Switchable slow/fast speed with independent rate and depth controls
*Switch between sine and triangle waveform
*Blend and feedback control allow for further fine-tuning
*Switchable 4 and 8 stage phasing
*Amp Jewel LED/stage-ready LED backlit knobs
*Lightweight durable anodized aluminium chassis
*Stereo outputs



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