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Brad Jackson and Nigel Hendroff founded Jackson Audio in 2017. Brad Also founded Jackson Amp works and now with the launch of Jackson Audio he intends to bring a range of highly innovative and creative products
The Jackson Audio El Guapo is a Distortion Overdrive pedal that captures the essence of Marshall iconic Plexi and JCM800 amplifiers.
Developed by Jackson Audio and Mateus Asato the pedal delivers the classic high gain Marshall grind.

The pedal has four clipping modes that provide crunch and goes from blues rock to heavy metal and everything in between. It also features Jackson Audio's innovative gain cycle feature with four scalable maximum gain settings to add increasing intensity during a performance.
So what you get is all the Marshall sounds in one stomp box which has to be good.

The pedal has two footswitches which will allow you to engage its overdrive and distortion channels independently or at the same time.

*Overdrive Marshall Plexi

The overdrive channel has a soft clipping circuit that replicates the smooth warm overdrive of a vintage Marshall Plexi. This circuit can be used independently from the distortion channel, but can be employed to boost to kick over the front end to achieve even more gain.

*Distortion Marshall JCM800

This is the star channel for me as it delivers pure JCM800 high gain, hard clipping saturated crunch
which is perfect for 80s rock and modern metal. What is also does is nail the Classic Sex Pistols Steve Jones Marshall Les Paul tone. So now you can get a cranked Marshall tone from any amp.

Active 3 band Baxandall EQ gives you immense control over your sound. Internal trim pots allow you to also alter the frequency and Q of the bass, middle, treble making the EQ fully parametric and adjustable.

*4 Clipping Modes

The four different styles of clipping allow you to drastically alter the sound and character of the distortion and overdrive channels. Classic Marshall, Classic Tube screamer, Asymmetric and Symmetrical clipping modes provide all the gain you will ever need.

* Jackson Gain Cycle Feature

This is really a great feature as it sub divides the gain knob into 4 equal parts so by pressing both footswitches simultaneously you can increase the gain level from 25% up to 100%.

Jackson unique circuit matches the output level of the pedal in all four clipping modes.
So whatever clipping mode you are in on either distortion or overdrive sides, your volume level will remain constant.

*MIDI Control

The El Guapo also offers MIDI control over clipping styles, Gain Cycle options, drive EQ options as well as on/off of the overdrive and drive circuit. The El Guapo is seriously flexible

* Analog Overdrive and Distortion pedal
* Distortion circuit based on the Marshall JCM800 high-gain sound
* Overdrive circuit based on the smooth Marshall Plexi tone
* Active 3-band Parametric EQ for optimal tone shaping
* MIDI control
* 4 clipping Diode Styles for both Distortion and Overdrive circuits
* Output level matching circuitry counteracts output level differences of various Clipping Diode options
* Gain Cycle circuit for instant gain adjustment in 4 steps
* Powered by 9V DC PSU centre neg 2.1mm
* 160 mA current draw


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