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Brad Jackson and Nigel Hendroff founded Jackson Audio in 2017. Brad Also founded Jackson Amp works and now with the launch of Jackson Audio he intends to bring a range of highly innovative and creative products
Maybe the only Drive Boost pedal that you will ever need

The Jackson Audio Golden Boy is a MIDI controllable overdrive and boost pedal redefines the concept of transparent overdrive and brings it up to date with modern features never before seen in an overdrive pedal. The Golden Boy has been designed in collaboration Joey Landreth to provide the most versatile drive boost pedal on the market.

It has four clipping diode modes for different overdrive characteristics, four mosfet boost modes, an active Baxandall style EQ with 12dB boost/cut per control with MIDI control over all parameters.

*Overdrive Modes
The circuit is based on the Bluesbreaker and King of Tone overdrives, both of which are open and natural sounding. Where the Golden Boy differs is that it has the ability to run much higher gain and instantly switch to a low gain transparent overdrive with a tap of the footswitches. With four gain settings at your feet while you play, you can use the Golden boy as an always on tone shaper, a low gain transparent overdrive, a midrange gain drive or a high gain solo drive all without bending down to adjust settings you just keep playing and use your foot or MID to adjust the gain for you.

The Golden Boy has more than one simple overdrive sound thanks to the four clipping diode presets. You can instantly change the character of your overdrive by toggling through the presets via the Drive footswitch.
The presets consists of a Classic Marshall Tone for high headroom and an open sound. Plus the classic tube Screamer sound, asymmetrical clipping for a thicker tone and symmetrical clipping for a more in your face sound.

*Boost Modes

The boost is in its own true-bypass loop so it can be used independently of the drive circuit, or stacked. The boost circuit uses MOSFET transistors with four presets each with a different EQ. The resets are Bright Boost for a more cutting sound, a mid boost for a fatter sound, a Tailored Boost, and a Full Range Boost for a transparent clean boost.

*Best of both worlds

The boost circuit is based on a MOSFET transistor which is a very popular type of transistor to use for boost circuits because it has many amp like characteristics when it clips. There can be downsides to this circuit though as several very popular MOSFET boost circuits on the market have a very noticeable crackle when their boost knobs are rotated. The Golden boy boost is perfectly silent when the boost knob is rotated. The only downside to this is the loss of about 5% of the gain at the highest rotation setting. To most people this would never be a problem as the boost on the Golden boy is crushingly loud as it is, However if you are a purist, or you just want to hear the difference, I have good news for you. We included an internal jumper that you can move to go back to stock MOSFET boost operation with 100% gain and all the crackle your heart could ever desire, Quiet or Crackle.

There is internal jumper switch that toggles between two setting, Stn Boost is Brads version of the MOSFET boost, same tone no noise and Alt Boost Modified version of the MOSFET boost ,same tone, slightly more gain, Plenty of crackles when you turn the knob.

MIDI Controllable
The Golden Boy is fully MIDI compatible allowing you to control all the parameters as well as activating/deactivating the Overdrive and Boost via MIDI. Using an external MIDI controller you switch up the characteristics of your overdrive and boost in an instant.

So we will end as we started as maybe this is the only Drive Boost pedal that you will ever need

* Transparent Overdrive and Boost pedal
* Based on the celebrated Bluesbreaker/King of Tone circuit
* Active 3-band EQ - for optimal tone shaping
* MIDI control over all parameters, ON/OFF and Boost
* 4 Clipping Diode Styles with different sound characteristics
* 4 differently EQ Boost Styles
* GAIN CYCLE circuit - for instant gain adjustment in 4 steps
*Min Current Required: 150mA



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