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Poul Cioks set up the company in 1991 and since then Cioks has become a major world player in pedal power supplies.
This Cioks 8 Expander supplied for use with a Cioks DC7 .You can use this as a standalone 8 outlet supply but would need to buy the optional mains supply adaptor.

It features 8 isolated outlets which can each deliver 9V DC at 660mA. All outlets offer four selectable voltages 9, 12, 15 or 18V

For more demanding pedalboards the Cioks 8 can be connected to a Cioks DC7, or any other power supply with a 24V output, to give you an additional seven power outputs

The Cioks 8 also has a built in power meter, which lets you know how much current you have used. When the light glows red you are at 90% capacity

Either used as a standalone unit using the included 24V power adaptor or as an expander the Cioks 8 gives you the maximum flexibility to grow. Add a DC7 to power up to 15 pedals. You get 8 power outlets with switchable voltages so you can switch between 9, 12, 15, and 18-volt output. This means the Cioks 8 Expander can provide enough power for a wide range of pedals, even more power-intensive ones.

Theres also a 5V USB outlet so you can use it to charge a mobile device.

Key Features
* Low profile and weight
* 8 isolated DC-outlets, each providing up to 660 mA (at 9 V DC)
* Ultra-low noise achieved by multi-stage filtering
* Independently selectable voltage on each outlet (9, 12, 15 or 18 V)
* Global overload status LED
* Mounting hardware for Pedal train and Temple audio boards included
* Compatible with CIOKS GRIP - for drill-free mounting on Pedal train boards
* 24 V DC link and 12x Flex cables included
* Designed in Denmark, assembled in Poland



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