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Earthquaker Hoof V2 Hybrid Fuzz Pedal Earthquaker Hoof V2 Hybrid Fuzz Pedal Click on image(s) above to view larger

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EarthQuaker pedals are made in Akron, Ohio built by hand built, hand tested and no compromise units using only the highest quality components.
The Earthquaker Devices Hoof V2 fuzz pedal provides beautifully dirty organic vintage fuzz with a twist. The Hoof V2 uses a clever mix of germanium and silicon transistors that deliver the fuzz that is based on the classic sound of Muff Fuzz boxes from the 70s.

This combination gives you best elements of a fuzz effect and the best boost to overdrive your amplifier. This delivers smooth, harmonically rich sustain with its distinctive vintage Muff style fuzz.

Improved tone and shift controls provide an Impressive range of tone shaping options. The midrange response delivers everything from classic scooped to modern boosted mids. The high end is a lot more harmonic just like an overdriven valve amp which results in a lot more dynamic feel so it cleans up easily with your guitars volume.
The Hoof V2 switching has been updated to silent switching for silent and effortless live operation.



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