Telefunken Valve Microphones / Telefunken TF29 Copperhead Valve Studio Microphone Mullard M8100 Kit

Telefunken TF29 Copperhead Valve Studio Microphone Mullard M8100 Kit Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Mullard M8100 Option

The Mullard M8100 is a special high quality military version of the 5654 and has become the first choice for many audio products from tube microphones to audio amplifiers.
The M8100 was specially built to withstand shocks and vibration and made with the highest quality components. The audio performance is nothing short of stunning because of the valves quality.

It has a full bodied sound and rich lively character with exceptional clarity. This coupled with the smooth and refunded midrange response gives performance that is not equalled by any 5654 EF95 type. The Mullard strength is it has more depth than the stock GE which makes it particularly good for vocal and piano recordings.

The result is the most dynamic and enjoyable listening experience as they bring the music to life.

This is best all round 5654 type to use for a wide range of music as it does everything exceptionally.

The kit consists of

1 Selected Mullard M8100 5654W



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