Tungsram / 85A2/OG3-TUNGSRAM

85A2/OG3-TUNGSRAM 85A2/OG3-TUNGSRAM Click on image(s) above to view larger

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85A2/OG3 Tungsram is a special quality voltage stabiliser. This is the T version which meant that each valve was individually tested and specially selected by Tungsram for the military and Industrial applications.

Each valve has the Tungsram Industrial Grade individual serial number printed in Red on the Glass and the factory certificate with the serial number also printed on it in the box. The Industrial grade Tungsram valves were subject to the most rigorous factory test and burn in process. These tubes were produced in Hungary in very limited quantities.

This valve would have been used to directly stabilise the voltage for an oscillator or be employed as a voltage reference for a stabilised supply. The striking voltage is 115 volts and the maintaining voltage is 85 Volts. For a current variation of 1 mA to 10 mA the voltage regulation is 4 Volts.

These come in the original blue Tungsram box and are possibly the best and most consistent 85A2 that we have come across. These are an ideal replacement in Glen Crofts excellent amplifiers.



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