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Original Tungsram EL84 made in Hungary and are early 1970's production items have the grey Tungsram rounded anode with the two rounded holes in the centre of anode plate and the slated hole at the top and bottom of the anode plate with silver writing.

The American Publication Vacuum Tube Valley reviewed a huge range of EL84 and said the following.

The Tungsram EL84 has lots of air and was 3 dimensional sounding with lots of punch and great tonal balance, growling and vicious sounding bottle, harmonically rich with a nice hard-rock sound.

In their opinion it beat the Mullard in guitar amp Application finishing behind the Amperex Bugle boy and tied with Mullard in the Hi fi tests again finishing behind the Amperex.

This is one of the best sounding EL84 money can buy and make no mistake this will upgrade you audio and guitar amplifier and bring a smile to your face. These are a great choice for your AC4, Marshall Class 5 or any other single end amplifier



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