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These are the early American made Sylvania 6V6GT/VT 107A with black glass envelope.

The early Sylvania are highly sought after for their sound quality. They have black plates with copper grid posts and have rounded ridded anode plate which looks similar to the RCA.

Made for the US Navy under military contract these were the items that Leo Fender used in the Fender amps of the mid-forties to late 1950ís and started Leos long association with Sylvania valves.

In clean mode the valves is superb, firstly the treble response is clear and detailed which has all the punch and sparkle especially when you use a Fender Telecaster. The bass and mid-range are very well balanced offering a smooth rounded response which is clear and tight. This is certainly one of the best clean sounding 6V6GT.

In overdrive mode the valve retained is warmth and became more forward in the mid range giving a nice punch to chords. The Sylvania 6V6GT also distorts and compresses a lot quicker than many other 6V6GT.This resulted in the a excellent crunch and sustain on solos, indeed the sustain of this valve was one of itís strong points as it was pleasing on the ear and but did not become harsh even when run at high levels of saturation.

The best thing about this valve is that it is not to bright and not too thin sounding. Chords chugged away happily and solos parts were clear with a nice fat sustain.

This is a great upgrade in all amps that use 6V6GT especially if you are tired of the sterile flat response offered by many 6V6GT types.



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