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Philips electronics components group was the name given to the products marketed in America after Philips bought the American valve manufacturer Sylvania in the early 1980’s. Sylvania was a major manufacturer of valves and Philips bought them to get the lucrative American Government and military contracts. These valves are specially selected and Cryo treated to offer the highest military grade construction and the ultimate sonic performance and were all made in the USA.
Special Cryo treated version of the original American Military JAN 6V6GT that was made for the USA Military in the mid 1980S. These are Full Jan Specification which means that they are long life and superbly made with the highest grade materials. No modern day 6V6GT valve is made to this specification

The military grade JAN specification Philips 6V6GT is considered by many as the best sounding 6V6GT for use in Fender amplifiers. This valve is the benchmark for that classic Fender bright and clean sound. The valve has a clear top end has chime and vibrancy that no other 6V6GT could match in our tests.

In clean mode, Strat and Tele sounds clean and sparkling particularly nice was the out of phase sounds. Both guitars could go from clear picked notes to even crunchy chords buy just adjusting the gain. The midrange also had a clarity and sparkle which put many of the 6V6GT in the shade.

The Cryo 6V6GT is stunning, no other valves gives that open and clear top end chime. The Cryo version has more top end sparkle, mid-range punch and more bass slam and more dynamics than the untreated version. The bass response is tighter and cleaner with more clarity. So if you like the standard version you will love the Cryo version.

In overdriven mode the Philips cryo valve excelled as it provides a clean punchy overdrive with plenty of rich harmonics. The other real major advantage of the cryo version is that it has excellent clarity when pushed into overdrive.

We have these available in dual matched pairs and quads.



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