Marshall Valves / EL34/EL34B-MARSHALL Trade 50 Pieces Bulk

EL34/EL34B-MARSHALL Trade 50 Pieces Bulk EL34/EL34B-MARSHALL Trade 50 Pieces Bulk Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Marshall Amplifiers are one of the world biggest users of valves. They get the best quality valves that the factories can produce and then specially select them for their own Marshall brand.
Special matched set of 50 pieces in bulk 50 way box

Here you get a box of 50 pieces identically dual matched, so all 50 pcs have the same current draw and transconductance. This will make setting and biasing easy for small manufactures as the valves come in a 50 way bulk box no individual boxes.

This gives the small manufactures the opportunity to get fully tested EL34 valve that have been burnt in selected and Dual matched at below factory pricing. These are ideal for our manufactures customers and resellers.

Premium quality Marshall EL34B valves that have all been burnt in and tested for use in production Marshall amplifiers. The valves have the Marshall logo printed and product code printed on the glass of the valve.

Soundwise, these EL34 valves have it all; in clean mode they have a harmonic open top which provides a warm transparent and sparkling clean sound. The bass response is tightly focused with rock solid bass note definition.

When overdriven the valve has a nice crunchy early break up, the midrange is rich in harmonics with unrivalled clarity when fully overdriven. These provide the rich and complex midrange overtones in abundance. The treble response of the Marshall EL34B is clear and not overly bright and tends to fatten up when more gain is added. This makes your guitar solos sound rounded and fat and cut through the mix.

It will be of no surprise to you that these Marshall valves sound superb, Marshall chose this valve to replace the Svetlana winged C EL34 in all its production amplifiers as it delivers the maximum of gain and dynamic response and supreme reliability.

Marshall buying power, as the world's biggest user of EL34, ensure that they have the pick of the factories and the best of the factories EL34 production.

We have then retested and dual matched these on our custom rigs to ensure you get the best valve at ridiculously low price.

Here you get 50 pieces of Marshall EL34B in Matched 50 @ £13.75 each making a total £687.50



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