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Marshall Vintage Modern 2266 50 watt GT 12AX7M Marshall KT66 Full Upgrade Kit Marshall Vintage Modern 2266 50 watt GT 12AX7M Marshall KT66 Full Upgrade Kit Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Marshall amplifiers are voice of Rock and Roll past, present and in future.These amplifiers have been used by all the music legends. From Clapton's fierce bluesbreaker solos with John Mayall, to the powerhouse slam of Jimmy Page in Led Zeppelin to Steve Jones awesome sound with his JCM800. These Kits are designed and put together to enable you to get the best out of your particular amplifier. Our Classic kits are aimed at giving you the closest to the original Mullard/Marshall sound that has rocked the music world
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The Marshall Vintage Modern Series GT 12AX7M Marshall KT66 full revalve kit uses the original Marshall KT66 in conjunction with the Groove Tube 12AX7M Super Premium and is designed to give you a fat biting vintage rock lead sound with early breakup of the original Marshall KT66.

The Groove tubes 12AX7M sonically is an absolute classic; the valve is highly musical and harmonically rich and retains the dynamics and the bite of the original British made Mullards.

The 12AX7M have a beautifully silky smooth treble response, midrange warmth and clarity which takes the fizz out of the top end. What sets this valve apart from all the other current production ECC83/12AX7 is it has that vintage bite and articulation and harmonic density when pushed in to distortion.

This works perfectly with the Original Marshall KT66 as it provides a rounded full bodied sound with a smooth top end. The valve breaks up earlier than most KT66 which is great if you want earlier distortion and crunch at lower volumes. Without running this valve hard you get that hint of distortion which gives a nice crunch at lower volumes.

When pushed hard into overdrive the top three strings seemed to stand out more with a nice natural compression. This KT66 does make a really great guitar valve as solos are crisp and punchy. Single note runs stand out with chords fat and crunchy. The overall sound is very warm with a slightly aggressive edge which makes this a great vintage sounding valve.

This combination simply works as you get the preamp bite and harmonic density with output stage compression and early breakup. This is a great choice for classic rock

The set consists of 6 valves

3 Specially Gain selected Groove Tube Super Premium 12AX7M In V1 to V3,
1 Specially Gain selected and balanced Groove Tube Super Premium 12AX7M in V4
2 Selected and matched Marshall KT66 in a matched pair.

Please note that this kit is for the valves only

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