Harma Blues Juinor Cabs / Harma Blues Junior 1 x 12 Aged Tweed replacement pine cabinet with Celestion Alnico Blue

Harma Blues Junior 1 x 12 Aged Tweed replacement pine cabinet with Celestion Alnico Blue Harma Blues Junior 1 x 12 Aged Tweed replacement pine cabinet with Celestion Alnico Blue Click on image(s) above to view larger

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The Harma Blues Junior 1 x 12 & 2 x 12 replacement cabinets is exclusively designed for the Fender Blues Junior range of amplifiers. They will enable you to get the maximum performance out of this great little Fender amplifier. Harma cabinets are made from the highest grade pine which is also selected for its sound quality and clarity. The Cabinet design has been tailored to provide the right tonal balance and lets the correct sound of your chosen speaker shine through. Hand made to our own specifications by British craftsmen and feature Dovetail jointed corners, Aged Tweed covering leather handle and high density rubber feet.
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Fender Blues Junior replacement pine 1 x 12 cabinet in aged tweed.

The biggest limitation to the Blues Junior is the particle/compressed board that the cabinet is made from. Many customers have said that they wanted the classic Fender warmth and resonance that only a pine cabinet can provide. Some have commented that with the stock speaker the amp sounds uninspiring and for this reason many guitar players do not see the Blues Junior serious amp.

Well that has now changed as we are manufacturing a completely British hand built
range of limited edition 1 x 12 replacement cabinets for the Blues junior.

The cabinet is beautifully made out of solid pine. The pine has been carefully chosen for its sound quality and tonal balance. The pine is warm and richly resonant so this cabinet will provide the classic clean vintage Fender sound that many players demand.

The cabinet is finished in aged tweed covering with vintage style oxblood brown/gold grille cloth and authentic brown leather strap handle. The cabinet has been designed to give the best tonal performance out of a 12 inch speaker; this extra depth also allows you to fit an Alnico speaker.

The Cabinet is supplied with a Celestion Alnico Blue 12 inch speaker 15 watt 8 ohm

The Celestion Alnico Blue has a unique tonal character which has made many believe that this is the best guitar speaker ever made. The Blue has a bright glassy top end with a crunchy tone and dynamic range in abundance. The cone breaks up evenly with breath-taking touch sensitivity.

This speaker is a legendary loudspeaker that suits a wide range of playing styles. This in conjunction with the tonal character of the Cabinet is an unbeatable combination.

Installation is very simple and straight forward
All you need to do is remove the chassis from the original Fender cabinet, install a 12 inch speaker, Re install chassis and wire the speaker and then fix back panel on the cabinet using the eight supplied screws. You now have a new amplifier that will not only sound great but is fully transportable.

Here is an email from Peter Brooke who used two of his original Celestion Blues in our 2 x 12 Blues junior replacement cabinet.

“Hi Derek,

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the new vintage amp case.

Now I have both my 1961 Vox JMI blue speakers running off the fender blues junior amp section all fitted and firing on all cylinders. I have gigged it a couple of times and it sound utterly fantastic, just as you said it would. Its so loud even for the seemingly tiny 15 watt output.

Best wishes”

Peter Brooke


Construction- high grade selected solid pine Open back design replacement 1 x 12 for Fender Pro junior.

Specially aged Fender Tweed Tolex covering
Fender Oxblood/Gold Stripe grille cloth.
Fender brown leather vintage handle.
Brown Harma Logo.
Specially aged Tweed back panel with gold vintage mesh valve covering
High density long black rubber.

Celestion Alnico Blue 12 inch speaker 15 watt 8 ohm


Height-16.5 inches (42 cm)
Width- 18 inches (46 cm)
Depth-11 inches (28 cm)



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