General Electric / 5670W/2C51/6N3-GENERAL ELECTRIC

5670W/2C51/6N3-GENERAL ELECTRIC 5670W/2C51/6N3-GENERAL ELECTRIC Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Original G.E military grade 5670W/2C51 made in the USA. and comes in the original military box. This valve offers a huge upgrade over the stock 6N3 Chinese valve that is used in modern audio amplifiers.
These valves are also used by Manly in their studio equipment such the Variable Mu limiters without T-bar mod.

The GE has superb quality with nice sound presentation. It offers more clarity and better dynamics and removes the muffled sound provided by the 6N3 Chinese valve that many customers complain about. If you own a modern far eastern made audio amplifiers and CD player that used a 6N3. Then by changing this valve you will have more musical enjoyment from you equipment.



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