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Robert Keeley is one of the best Guitar pedal designers and modders in the music industry. The worlds biggest stars and producers use his pedal from Steve Vai to U2 'The Edge'.
The Keeley Compressor Plus is update on the Famous 4 knob Compressor. The Comp Plus uses the same circuit and the same incredible sound quality but puts the entire range of features in a more user friendly manner.

The Sustain and Level controls remain the same, the sustain control adjusts the compression ratio and increases the sustain whist the level control adjust the gain.

The attack control is replaced with a blend control which is re voiced and give a nice control over the mix of the compressed the uncompressed signal. The clipping control is replaced with a tone control which allows you to add the right amount of brightness and puts back some of the lost high frequencies.

The really nice addition is a Release Switch which is designed to make it very easy to transition between single coil and humbucker guitars. Humbuckers have more average energy than single coils and this can cause compressors to stay in compression mode” for a lot longer. This can make any series of notes you play sound dull. With the quick release of the new Compressor Plus, your humbuckers stay true sounding and each note retains attack and definition. No more wondering if you have the attack or release set right. Being of universal design this feature works really well for bass guitars when changing from single coil passive bass to active basses.

The 4 knob compressor was the world's best compressor and the new features are simple and straight forward. Keeley have also reduced the price which really makes this a stunning buy.

The Keeley Compressor Plus offers the same gorgeous push of frequencies and sweetening of tone that the old comps gave you, now with the flexibility to handle any instrument.



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