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Keeley Tesla Mk III Soviet Fuzz Bender Limited Edition Keeley Tesla Mk III Soviet Fuzz Bender Limited Edition Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Robert Keeley is one of the best Guitar pedal designers and modders in the music industry. The worlds biggest stars and producers use his pedal from Steve Vai to U2 'The Edge'.
Keeley Tesla Mk III Soviet Fuzz Bender LTD Edition is a limited run of just 200 units worldwide of a fuzz pedal based on the famous Tone Bender MKIII circuit.

The Key to this pedal exception Fuzz tone is the use of a trio of selected Tesla NOS 104NU71 germanium transistors. These transistors were made in the early 1970s and are very low noise and do not have that high frequency fizz and hardness that is common in many germanium transistors.

I have always liked the Mullard OC44 but I now think that these Tesla NPN 104NU71 are possibly better. When they break up they add a nice crunch to the sound and when pushed they boost the upper mids in a real warm and musical way.

Roberts team select each trio of transistors for the ultimate sonic sound. They have also designed out the thermal issues that affect so many vintage fuzz units. They have also focused on bringing out all the best attributes of the Tesla 104NU71 germanium transistor such as its wonderful bass response.

Sadly due to the scarcity of the Tesla 104NU71 and selection process that they go through this pedal is limited to 200 pieces only.

Each pedal comes with a Keeley T shirt with the pedal classic design on it. Just let me know if you want Medium or Large just let us know which in the comments box.

Keeley Electronics Tesla Mk III Features:
Improved Tone Bender MK III circuit using rare Tesla 104NU71 germanium transistor
Increased tonal range and improved bass response
Ultra-low noise and Temperature stable
Standard 9v centre-negative power operation



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