Svetlana Winged C / 6P1P/6P1P-EB/6P1-SVETLANA WINGED C

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Svetlana Electron Devices, St. Petersburg: The Svetlana winged C is a major Russian power-tube manufacturer. Formerly a part of the huge Svetlana collective factory. The valves that we stock under the Svetlana/winged C are the original items made by the JSC Svetlana Company that owns and operates the Svetlana factory in St. Petersburg, Russia. This factory has a long history of making valves and transmitting valves .In fact have been making vacuum tubes for over 100 years. These valves have constantly topped not only our own valve reviews but also in audio and guitar reviews the world over. They offer some of the best sounding types available today.
Svetlana 6P1P-EB is a Russian made miniature beam tetrode valve made for the Russian military. The 6PIP-EB is a ruggedized version which is electrical equivalent to the 6AQ5W & 6V6GT.

This is an upgrade for the Chinese 6P1

The 6P1P-EB is a 9 pin base when compared to the 7-pin base of a 6AQ5/EL90 so it cannot be used as a plug-in replacement. Some Chinese resellers call this a 6AQ5 which is clearly is not.

This valve is now being used by many audio companies due to it quality and performance.

6P1P-EB is a high grade version of 6P1P, 6N1N and Chinese 6P1



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