Tronal / 6SN7GT/68HC-TRONAL

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European electronics distributor that supplied high quality valves under its own brand name of Tronal.
These 6SN7GT are from the Russian Fonton Plant and date from the late 1950ís onwards.
This is a NOS Russian classic as the sound quality is exceptional in terms of detail and clarity.It is not muffled and dry like so many 6SN7GT.

We last had these in stock some 17 years ago and the customers who bought these claimed that for the price they were outstanding with a few claiming that they preferred these to the American made Items.

The valve comes with all the original Russian marking and with the addition of the Tronal red label branding. These are an exceptional 6SN7GT and we have priced them the same as we did in 2000.

We offer two options:
1) Factory tested
2) Balanced -matched triode sections for Phase splitter, Audio amplifiers.

All Balanced preamp valves are Dynamically Drive tested under real working condition have passed the following tests:

Gain (db) Drive Tested
Transconductance (gm) Drive Tested
Output Drive Tested
Noise 1 (signal to noise)
Noise 2 (Aural)
Microphonics Test 1(Ambient)
Microphonic Test 2 (Shock)
Cathode Test
Grid Leakage Test



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