Rode Valve Microphones / Rode K2 Valve Studio Condenser Microphone 6H23N-EB 6922 Reflector Kit

Rode K2 Valve Studio Condenser Microphone 6H23N-EB 6922 Reflector Kit Click on image(s) above to view larger

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The Reflector 6H23N-EB is a Russian super premium 6922 that was made for the Russian military. The valve was designed to be Immune to shock and vibration and these valves were internally ruggedized. So this gives the valve the lowest microphoney of any 6922 type.

This is a first class choice in studio microphones as this valve has plenty of deep musical bass definition which is very detailed and rhythmical. It has a very musical and transparent midband which is excellent on vocals and strings.

The top end is also very clear without the hardness that is common in all the current production ECC88/6922 valves. The 6H23N-EB major strong point is that it excels in detail, speed, and soundstage.

The main difference between the 6H23-EB & the Tungsram E88CC when used in a studio microphone is that the 6H23-EB has more bass depth and a slightly forward midrange.

This is the original military 6H23-EB with the OTK government inspection stamp on the glass. These valves were made with no compromise on materials or quality control. This result is one of the best 6922 made and is an excellent upgrade over the standard valves.

These valves have then undergone a controlled in burn in process by us and then the triodes are matched on dB gain for the ultimate audio performance.

The kit consists of 1 valve

1 Specially Balanced Reflector 6H23N-EB/6922



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