Heintz & Kaufman / 6SL7WGT-HEINTZ & KAUFMAN

6SL7WGT-HEINTZ & KAUFMAN 6SL7WGT-HEINTZ & KAUFMAN Click on image(s) above to view larger

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American made Heintz & Kaufman 6SL7WGT was made by Sylvania to full American military specification.

It features a brown micanol heat resistant base with short inverted black anode plates for shock and vibration resistance. These valves have a number of unique features such as high grade filament isolation so even after long periods of use the filament will not degrade and were also rated for long life.
This is a rugged American 6SL7 is one of the best sounding audio valves and excellent in AMPEG B-15. This valve has is full military specification valve in original H & K box.



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