Little Dot Amplifiers / Little Dot MK8 Headphone Amplifier Mullard CV4024 EH 6H30-Gold Pin Upgrade Kit

Little Dot MK8 Headphone Amplifier Mullard CV4024 EH 6H30-Gold Pin Upgrade Kit Click on image(s) above to view larger

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Little Dot Amplifiers have taken the audio world by storm by offering a range of fantastic sounding valve hybrid headphone amplifiers. These Little devices have become a really popular way of listing to music from your IPod. The Little Dot Amplifiers are beautifully made and engineered and offer remarkable value for money. Here we offer a range of the best new old stock valves to transform the sound of your Little Dot amplifier.
Little Dot MK8 headphone amplifier has an exceptional dynamic range and sound quality.
So in order to get the best out of this amplifier we use a set of high grade military valves Mullard CV4024 and Electro Harmonix 6H30-Gold Pin.

When you listen install the Mullard CV4024 you instantly get that classic Mullard midrange warmth and detail with all that dynamic Mullard tone. Sonically the valves are fast and clean with excellent top end extension. Instrument balance is perfect with a beautiful vocal forwardness. This is certainly the best ECC81 type due to its outstanding performance.

The Electro Harmonix 6H30-Gold Pin is a remarkable audio valve which offers a very linear response.

The Gold pin 6H30 is a factory selected version of the EB with Gold pin. The Valve is made with the same upgraded materials of the EB and offers longer life and improved performance over the standard item which is known as 6H30, 6N30 or 6N30Pi.
This valve has a very fat and musical sound with fast dynamics and when combined with the warmth and detail of the Mullard ECC81/CV4024 makes a Fast and dynamic musical combination.

The set consists of 6 valves

2 ECC81/CV4024 Mullard
4 6H30 Gold pin Long life Electro Harmonix

Please note that the kit is for the valves only


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