JJ Tesla / 300B-JJ TESLA

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The JJ factory was born out of the ashes of the former Tesla factory. They currently make a range of High quality valves based on some of Tesla most famous designs.
The JJ 300 B has established itself as one of the best 300 B types for audio applications.
The JJ valve features 24 carat gold plated control grids with a nife alloy core. The JJ is has superb build quality with thick grade glass and a white ceramic base.

The Hi Fi world raved about this valve, as have many industry commentators. The JJ valve has a sonic sweetness with excellent balanced sound with plenty of bottom slam that is particularly good on modern rock music. Customers who have used these on classical music have said that the JJ 300 B also brings out the subtle variations on strings.

These JJ 300B valves are factory selected and are dual matched on anode current and gain. Every pair is inspected at the factory and comes with test certificates for each tube. The valves come in an attractive JJ box. We stock this 300 B as it offers exception sound quality ad a sensible price.

These are priced individually but are only supplied in Factory matched pairs, so you will need to order a minimum of 2 pcs. We do not sell single items or odd multiplies of this product.



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