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Robert Keeley is one of the best Guitar pedal designers and modders in the music industry. The worlds biggest stars and producers use his pedal from Steve Vai to U2 'The Edge'.
The Keeley Super Mod Workstation gives you two banks of unique modulation and time based effects with tap tempo and contains many of Keeley's finest effects all in one unit.

The Harmonic Tremolo in this unit is inspired by vintage brown face amps. The Keeley Dyna Trem contained our first Harmonic Tremolo. Many consider this deeper and thicker sounding than the U Vibe type effect. The ADT in the Super Mod Workstation is from the 30ms Automatic Double Tracker. Last year that effect set the effect world on fire with the best complete ADT unit in a stomp box.

Nothing goes better with modulation than delay and reverb. With the Super Mod Workstation you can combine 2 effects together to create a nearly endless soundscape of tones. Add tap tempo and an expression pedal and you have all the tools at your disposal to create a mesmerizing array of sounds.

The Super Mod Workstation allows you to combine effects like Tremolo, Filter, Phaser, Chorus, Rotary Speaker, or Delay with other similar modulation effects, including delay or reverb. For example you can combine our famous 30ms Double Tracker sound in the ADT, with a Flanger, or an Echo, or Plate Reverb. Another example would be to use Bank 1 – Phaser sound, combined with Bank 2 – Delay. You can use the expression pedal to run delays into self-oscillation feedback! You can Tap Tempo input a rate for the Harmonic Tremolo sound on Bank 1 and then use an expression pedal input for speed of the Rotary Cab sound on Bank 2.

Two banks of eight legendary effects, Super Fidelity, Super Compact with 3 separate foot switch controls

The Super Mod Workstation has Tap Tempo for Mod Bank One, and external expression control on Mod Bank Two.

Super Mod Workstation effects include:

1 Tremolo with triangle to sine waveform control
2 Harmonic Tremolo with presence tone control
3 Filter Tremolo with oscillator and random control
4 Phaser with feedback control
5 ADT with blend control
6 Rotary Cabinet Simulation with treble horn control
7 Digital Delay
8 Analog Delay with dynamic modulation
9 Chorus/Vibrato with blend control
10 Flanger w/positive or negative feedback
11 Hall Reverb
12 Plate Reverb
13 Tap Tempo on Modulation Bank 1
14 Expression Control input on Bank 2

Dimensions are 4.7 Inches wide x 3.72 Inches tall. Standard 9V Neg-Tip Power supply 170mA +


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